How to Disable Discord Overlay

Follow these steps to disable Discord overlay in desktop app.

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Discord Overlay is a helpful feature for gamers to stay in touch with teammates while playing team-based games. However, when playing solo, the overlay can become a distraction and you may want to disable it. In this tutorial, we will explain how to disable Discord overlay in the desktop app.

Let’s get into the tutorial!

Disabling Discord Overlay for Windows or Chromebook

Discord Overlay is exclusive to the desktop app version and doesn’t work on the web version.

On the Discord Home screen, click the gear icon (User Settings) at the bottom left of the screen. Scroll down to “Activity Settings” and click on “Game Overlay.”

At the top of the right-side menu, locate the “Enable in-game overlay” toggle. Click it to toggle the overlay on or off. When off, the “Toggle Overlay Lock” option should be grayed out.

Close the settings window. Launch a game while Discord is open, and the overlay should no longer appear if it has been correctly disabled.

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