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Discord Communities

Resources, news, and tools for Discord communities.

Basic Rules for Your Discord Server

After starting a Discord server for your online community, you need to set basic rules to ensure high-quality conversations and create a sense of community from de ground. In this post, we explore de most essential rules for any Discord server.

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How to Host an Event on Discord [+Ideas]

Hosting an event on Discord can certainly cultivate community habits and get more people to join your group. In today’s post, we show you how to create a Discord event and give ideas to engage your community.

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Is Your Community a Safe Place?

Have you ever wondered if your community is a safe place to engage? Privacy is a genuine concern among all community members, and today we analyze Slack and Discord to understand how to improve security and enhance members’ experience.

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How to grow your Discord server

Building a Discord server it’s easy, but how can you let people know about your community? That’s where promotion becomes essential to invite others to join and engage in your server channels.

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