Spotify and Discord Integration: All Features Explained!

spotify and discord integration
Spotify and Discord can be integrated to share your music taste, listen along with friends, and even join listening parties. Learn how here!
spotify and discord integration

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Integrating Spotify and Discord allows you to enjoy music together with your friends, share playlists, and enhance your overall experience on both platforms. Here, we’ll dive deep into how to connect Spotify to Discord and explore the various features and benefits this integration offers.

How to Connect Spotify to Discord

Connecting these platforms allows you to share your music taste, discover what your friends are listening to, and even synchronize listening sessions for a common music adventure. Similar to the Discord YouTube integration, you can use Spotify on Discord to show what you’re listening to others on the platform.

This integration is a simple process that can be done on both desktop and mobile devices:

Connect Spotify to Discord [Desktop]

For desktop users, connecting both platforms is very straightforward. Begin by opening your Discord app and navigating to ‘User Settings‘.

From there, select ‘Connections‘ and click on the Spotify icon. You’ll be prompted to log in to your Spotify account to authorize the connection.

spotify and discord integration

Once completed, Discord will display your current Spotify music, allowing friends to see what you’re listening to as your status.

To connect both platforms on your mobile device, the process is very similar. Begin by opening the Discord app and tap on your profile icon at the bottom right corner.

Then, click on the gear icon at the top right corner of your profile. Navigate to ‘Connections‘ and then select ‘Add‘, where you’ll find Spotify listed among the options.

Simply log in to your Spotify account, authorize the connection, and just like that, your accounts are linked, enabling you to share and enjoy music with your Discord community on the go.

how to connect spotify to discord mobile

Other Ways to Leverage This Integration

Beyond just sharing what you’re listening to, the Spotify and Discord integration offers additional unique ways to engage with your friends through music. Here are all the features and benefits this integration brings you:

How to Listen Along

For Spotify Premium users, the ‘Listen Along’ feature allows you to invite friends on Discord to join in on your current listening session and listen to music together in real-time.

To use this feature, start playing a song on Spotify and then ask your friends to click the Listen Along button in your Discord’s Spotify status. This way, other users can join the session and listen to the same song simultaneously.

listen along spotify on discord

Alternatively, you can also click on a friend who is listening to Spotify from your list and then click on the ‘Listen Along’ button. This is a fantastic way to share new music discoveries or enjoy favorite tracks together.

How to Start a Listening Party

Organizing a listening party on Discord is a fun way to engage with others on the platform, and it can even be a great Discord event idea for your online community. You can encourage participants to share their thoughts and reactions in real-time, turning a simple listening session into an interactive and social event. However, keep in mind that this feature is also available only for Premium Spotify users.

To begin, you must open or make a Discord server, and then create a dedicated channel, or use an existing one to host the party.

Then, start playing a Spotify playlist or album and click on the plus button at the left-hand side of the message window. Select the option that allows you to invite the channel to listen to Spotify.

Then, a ‘Listen Along Invite‘ window will pop up. You can type a comment encouraging others to join the music party, and when you’re ready, click on ‘Send Invite‘ to sync up the listening experience with all the people in the channel.

This invite link is dynamic, which means that the song titles will keep changing as the playlist or album advances. Additionally, as the server’s members join the listening party, you’ll see the profile icons of the people who’ve joined in the invite box.

listening party spotify and discord

Top Spotify Discord Bots

Besides the features this native integration allows, Spotify Discord bots add an extra layer of functionality and fun to your music-sharing experience.

However, we’ve already covered this topic in another post. You can check it out if you’re looking to learn how to add a music bot to Discord.


Can You Play Spotify with Discord?

Yes! By connecting both platforms, you can display your current Spotify songs on your Discord profile and even host a listening party with friends. Friends will be able to see what you’re listening to and join in on ‘Listen Along’ sessions if they’re Spotify Premium users.

How Do You Listen Along on Spotify Discord?

To listen along, click on a friend’s profile who is listening to Spotify and select the ‘Listen Along’ option. This feature is only available for Spotify Premium users.

Can My Friends on Discord See What I’m Listening to on Spotify?

Yes, once you connect both accounts, your friends can see the song you’re currently playing on your Discord profile.

Can You Do a Spotify Listening Party on Discord?

Absolutely! You can host a Spotify listening party on Discord by sending a ‘Listen Along Invite’ on a channel. Users on that server will be able to click on the invite and start listening together.

Is There a Spotify Bot for Discord?

Yes, Spotify bots for Discord enhance the music-sharing experience and add extra layers of functionality to the platform. The most well-known music bot thus far is FredBoat.

This fun integration is a great way for music lovers to connect with one another and share their favorite tunes. So, join some music communities on Discord today and start having fun!

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