How to Show What YouTube Video You Are Currently Viewing

In today's tutorial, you'll find out how to show what YouTube video you are currently viewing on Discord

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Did you know that’s possible to show you’re watching YouTube on Discord? This way, the members of your community will know what you’re watching and you can also see what others are watching. In today’s tutorial, you’ll find out how to show what YouTube video you are currently viewing on Discord.

How to Show You’re Watching YouTube on Discord

It’s possible to show you’re watching YouTube on Discord with only an application and browser extension. Your friends will see the exact YouTube video you’re seeing as a custom status on your Discord profile. Let’s see how to do this!

1. Install the PreMiD application

To begin with, you should go to PreMiD’s website and download the app. This is an application that allows you to show what you’re doing on the web in Discord’s ‘currently playing’ status.

Once on the website, click on the application’s download icon according to the OS you own. Keep this link open, as we will later download the browser extension.

install the premid application

Now, execute the .exe file and follow the instructions to install the application on your computer.

2. Install the PreMiD browser extension

Now, in the same link, scroll down to the ‘Extension‘ section and download the extension according to the browser you use.

Once installed, click on the ‘Extensions’ icon. On Chrome, it will be a puzzle icon at the top right corner of your browser. From there, find the PreMiD browser extension and pin it by clicking on the pin icon. This will make the extension more accessible for you to easily stop sharing what you’re viewing whenever you want.

install the premid browser extension

3. Using PreMiD

To use PreMiD, simply open the extension by clicking on its icon and toggle the respective icons to choose what to show. You can show what you’re doing on diverse platforms, such as Netflix, SoundCloud, Twitch, YouTube, and YouTube Music.

For the purposes of this tutorial, we’re going to enable YouTube only.

using premid

And that’s how to show you’re watching YouTube on Discord. Now, every video you watch on YouTube will appear on your Discord profile as a custom status.

how to show your watching youtube on discord

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