What Is a Discord Kitten and How to Become One

Discover what is a Discord Kitten and how to become one in today's post.

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In today’s post, we’ll explore what it means to be a Discord kitten, a slang term used by many in Discord and that’s grown in popularity over the last few years. You’ll also learn all you need to know to become a Discord kitten.

What’s a Discord Kitten?

A Discord kitten is basically a sugar baby. Although it’s mainly used to refer to female users, Discord kittens can be persons of any gender.

Discord kittens usually exchange their companionship for material favors. For example, they ask for Discord Nitro, paid games, or money in exchange for a dating-like relationship within Discord.

Discord kittens’ counterparts are referred to as Discord daddies. Discord daddies are usually older, wealthier individuals who are looking for the time and attention of a Discord kitten, and pay them through services or goods.

Similarly to Discord kittens, a Discord daddy is usually male, but the term refers to people of any gender.

Now that you know exactly what being a Discord kitten means, it’s time to find out how to become a Discord kitten!

How to Become a Discord Kitten

The first step to becoming a Discord kitten is to craft your persona. This means choosing a visually appealing avatar and an aesthetic bio. You can also think about how you will communicate and craft your online personality this way, for example, by choosing to use cute emojis such as “<3”, “:3”, and “UwU”.

The next step would be to join a Discord server and look for a Discord daddy. You can choose to join a regular server, however, you’ll have more success chances if you join an e-dating server or something similar. There are servers specifically for Discord kittens as well.

Once you are in the server, introduce yourself and finish with something along the lines of “my DMs are open! <3”. Usually, if you crafted a nice persona you’ll start receiving DMs from diverse people.

Remember that you don’t need to do anything you are not comfortable doing. If someone starts to harass you or bother you in some way, simply move on to the next person.

Also, keep in mind that Discord kitten-daddy relationships are full of scammers. Just be cautious and don’t give personal information until you are completely sure of doing so. You may need to go through many Discord daddies until you find a legitimate one who seriously wants to reward you for giving them attention and time.

Becoming a Discord kitten is easy and it can be a fun side hustle, just check out our directory to find a Discord server that’s right for you. There are over 300 Discord communities waiting for you!

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