Discord Server Rules Tutorial [+Copy & Paste Template]

discord rules
Here, you'll find all about how to set up your Discord server rules, alongside a free copy and paste template to use in your server.
discord rules

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After starting a Discord server, the next (essential) step is to set up some Discord server rules to ensure high-quality conversations and create a sense of community from the ground up.

Here you’ll find our personal step-by-step tutorial to help you set up your Discord server rules. Additionally, we included our own free, copy-and-paste Discord rules template for you to get started.

Let’s dive in!

Why Do You Need Discord Server Rules?

There are many reasons why you might want to create a rules channel and lay out a clear set of guidelines

On the one hand, doing so it’s a great way to ensure you don’t end up with a server full of spam and unrelated discussions. However, it’s also important to have Discord moderators who help you enforce the rules.

Additionally, organizing your Discord rules in a single area makes it easier for new members to find them (for example, you could include the rules in a welcome channel). 

Besides, there are too many new Discord servers listed every day, but not all of them succeed in building a place where people want to return. Having a clear set of Discord rules can help you define your community culture, and avoid uncomfortable situations for members.

Trust our experience here, by stating what’s allowed and what’s not, you’re establishing the ethical framework that will shape the culture of your community.

How to Set Up Discord Server Rules

Setting clear Discord rules is essential for our own server’s long-term success. It’ll be the same for you.

In addition to this, it’s recommended to implement a warning and penalty system to enforce the rules and show members they must follow the guidelines to stay in the server.

One example of a warning and penalty system to include in your Discord server rules could be a “three strikes and you’re out” approach, where you punish users according to the number of times they break the rules

Additionally, the penalties could be tiered, with less severe infractions resulting in a warning or temporary mute, and more severe infractions resulting in a temporary or permanent ban.

With that out of the way, let’s see how to set up your Discord rules. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

1. Draft Your Discord Rules

Start by drafting your rules in a text document. Make sure each Discord rule is clear and concise. Additionally, they should cover all the essential aspects like behavior guidelines, text and voice chat rules, and consequences for rule-breaking.

To do this, you can use our free copy-and-paste Discord rules template to get inspiration for your server’s guidelines.

However, we made a long list, so make sure you pick the ones that resonate with your community and customize them to suit your needs.

2. Create a 'Rules' Channel

To create a rules channel, right-click on your server’s name and then on ‘Create Channel‘.

how to set up discord server rules

Then, name the channel something straightforward like “#rules” or “#server-rules.”

how to create a rules channel in discord

Lastly, click on ‘Create Channel‘.

Note: Owners of community servers are prompted to create a rules channel when they first create the server. So, if you have a community server, you already have a rules channel in place.

community server

3. Pin the Rules

The next step is to copy your drafted rules from the text document and paste them into the newly created ‘Rules’ channel.

Then, send the message and right-click on it. Select ‘Pin Message‘ to pin your Discord rules to the channel for easy access.

pin rules to rules channel discord server

4. Set Up Role-Based Permissions

To avoid others making adjustments to your Discord server rules, you need to set permissions for the channel. To do so, right-click on your rules channel, go to ‘Edit Channel‘ and then to the ‘Permissions‘ tab.

set permissions for rules channel

Then, set up role-based permissions to restrict who can send, edit or delete messages in the rules channel. Additionally, you can also turn it into a read-only channel.

5. Enable Member Screening

This is an optional step, but you can enable member screening to force new members to read and accept the rules before joining the server.

To do this, go to ‘Server Settings‘ by right-clicking on your server name at the top-left corner. 

Then, navigate to ‘Onboarding‘, under the ‘Community’ section. Then, click on ‘DM and Spam Protection’, under ‘Safety Check’.

enable membership screening community server discord

Click on the toggle button next to ‘Members must accept rules before they can talk or DM‘.

discord server rules

From here, add a rule summary and require new members to read and accept the rules before they can interact in your server.

Discord Rules Template [to Copy and Paste]

To avoid creating your Discord rules from scratch, feel free to copy and paste our Discord rules template on the “Rules” channel in your server and modify it to fit your community! 👇

  1. Be respectful
    This means no mean, rude, or harassing comments. Treat others the way you want to be treated.

  2. No inappropriate language
    Keep use of profanity to a reasonable minimum. Any derogatory language towards any user is prohibited. You can swear in casual channels only, while the other channels should be kept free of any profane language.

  3. No spamming
    Do not send a lot of small messages right after each other. These disrupt the chat and make it hard to scroll through the server. Please keep your messages at least 5 words long while chatting.

  4. No pornographic/adult/other NSFW material
    This server is meant to provide a safe place for us to share art, videos, advice, and other kinds of helpful material.

  5. No advertisements
    Don’t send invasive advertising, whether it be for other communities or streams. You can post your content in the media channel if it’s relevant and provides actual value for the community.

  6. No offensive names and profile pictures
    Keep your names and profile picture appropriate.

  7. Server raiding
    Server raiding is against Discord’s ToS. Any attempt to circumvent or bypass them can result in a permanent ban.

  8. Threats are forbidden
    Threats are prohibited and disallowed.

  9. Follow the Discord Community Guidelines
    Respect the general Discord Community Guidelines at all times.

  10. Do not join voice chat channels without permission of the people already in there
    If you see that they have a free spot it is alright to join and ask whether they have an open spot, but leave if your presence is not wanted by whoever was there first.

  11. Don’t share your personal information
    Do not share your personal information or the personal information of other users without their consent. This includes phone numbers, addresses, and any other sensitive information.

  12. Don’t share illegal or pirated content 
    Do not share links to illegal or pirated content, such as copyrighted material or stolen software. This is against Discord ToS and can result in a ban from the server.

  13. Avoid false or misleading information
    Make sure to fact-check any information you share and only share reliable sources. Spreading false or misleading information can be harmful and undermines the trust and integrity of the community.

  14.  Follow the channel-specific guidelines
    Each channel in the server have specific guidelines for the type of content that is allowed. Make sure to follow these guidelines and respect the purpose of each channel.

  15. No sharing or distributing hacks, cheats, or other unauthorized tools or services
    Sharing or distributing hacks, cheats, or other unauthorized tools or services is strictly prohibited on the server.

  16. No sharing or distributing viruses or malicious software 
    Sharing or distributing viruses or malicious software can harm the server and its members, and is therefore strictly prohibited.

  17. No sharing or distributing illegal drugs or controlled substances
    Distributing illegal drugs or controlled substances is strictly prohibited on this server.

  18. No sharing or distributing counterfeit or fraudulent items
    You can’t share or distribute counterfeit or fraudulent items, such as fake IDs or fraudulent financial documents in this server.

  19. No sharing or distributing stolen financial or banking information
    You can’t distribute stolen financial or banking information, such as credit card numbers or bank account information.

  20.  No sharing or distributing unauthorized keys or serial numbers for software or games
    Don’t share or distribute keys or serial numbers for software or games that have been obtained illegally.

  21. Respect others’ privacy
    Do not invade the privacy of other users by asking for or sharing their personal information, or by sending unwanted DMs.

  22. Do not impersonate other users, staff members, or any other individuals or organizations
    This includes using similar usernames, profile pictures, or display names.

  23. No excessive self-promotion
    Share your work in moderation and only in designated channels.

  24. Keep political and religious discussions civil and respectful
    Or avoid them altogether if they are not relevant to the server’s purpose.

  25. Do not intentionally disrupt conversations or create a hostile environment for other users
    This includes trolling, flaming, or excessive arguing.

  26. No public shaming or call-outs
    If you have an issue with another user or their behavior, address it privately or report it to a staff member. Do not publicly shame or call out other users in the server.

  27. Do not abuse server bots
    Only use server bots for their intended purposes and do not spam or misuse their commands.

  28. Keep discussions relevant to the server’s topic
    Stay on topic and ensure your discussions are relevant to the server’s purpose or the specific channel you are in.

  29. Do not excessively use caps or emojis in your messages
    This can be disruptive and make the chat difficult to follow.

  30. No sharing or promoting illegal activities
    Do not share or promote any illegal activities, such as hacking, phishing, or drug use.

  31. No self-destructive behavior or encouragement of self-harm
    Do not encourage, glorify, or engage in self-destructive behavior or self-harm. This includes sharing graphic content related to self-harm or discussing personal experiences in a way that may trigger others.

  32. Do not share graphic or disturbing content
    Such as gore, violence, or explicit sexual content.

  33. No promoting or discussing drugs, alcohol, or other substances
    Avoid discussing or promoting the use of drugs, alcohol, or other substances that may be harmful or illegal.

  34. No soliciting or begging for money, items, or services
    Do not solicit or beg for money, items, or services from other users.

  35. No blackmail, threats, or harassment
    Do not engage in blackmail, threats, or harassment of any kind, whether in public or private messages.

  36. No sharing of personal or private messages without consent
    Do not share the contents of personal or private messages with others without the consent of all involved parties.

  37. No excessive use of voice changer software
    If using voice changer software, do so in moderation and avoid excessive or disruptive use in voice channels.

  38. No recruiting for other servers or communities
    Do not recruit or promote other servers or communities in this server without prior approval from the server staff.

  39. Do not evade bans or mutes
    If you have been banned or muted, do not attempt to evade the punishment by creating alternate accounts or otherwise circumventing the restrictions.

  40. Keep content age-appropriate
    Ensure that all content you share in the server is age-appropriate.

*The admins and moderators will mute/kick/ban per discretion. If you feel mistreated DM an admin and we will solve the issue.

*Your presence in this server implies accepting these rules, including all further changes made to them.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Discord Server Rules

To create a rules channel, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open your Discord server.
  2. Click on your server’s name in the top-left corner and select “Create Channel”.
  3. Give your new channel a name and description, then click ‘Create Channel’. 

If you want to ask people to agree to the rules before accessing your server, you need to enable membership screening. You can do it by following these steps:

  1. Go to “Server Settings”
  2. Under the “Community” section, go to “Onboarding” and click on “DM and Spam Protection”, under “Safety Check”.
  3. Click on “Set Up” next to “Members must accept rules before they can talk or DM”.

Now that you have your Discord server rules all set, make sure to create a welcome channel and an anouncements channel to keep improving your server’s user experience!

Updated: May 22, 2024

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