How to Make Announcement Channel in Discord

Keep your Discord community engaged with an announcement channel. Learn how to set up yours in three simple steps.

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A Discord announcement channel is a must on almost every server. Announcement channels allow you to deliver important information to all members at the same time, without it getting lost in other channels.

So, In today’s post, you’ll find how to make announcement channel in Discord, which will allow you to better manage your server by sending community updates to an appropriate place.

How do Discord Announcement Channels Work?

A Discord announcement channel is just a text channel that allows server admins to send community updates to all server members at the same time. Of course, common members are not allowed to post on this channel, which is a type of read-only channel. Indeed, announcement channels are a great way to keep your members informed of all the community’s latest news.

However, announcement channels work a bit differently than conventional text channels.

This is because this type of channel allows you to post messages that reach other servers outside your own. Other users can choose to “Follow” your announcement channel, so select messages you publish here will appear directly on their own servers.

For example, many servers that gather people around a specific topic follow announcement channels from similar servers. This way, other servers’ updates appear directly on your own server, without the need for members to join multiple Discord servers.

How to Make Announcement Channel in Discord Step-by-Step

An important thing to keep in mind before starting this tutorial: you need a community server to create announcement channels.

Community servers are a special type of server within Discord that include more social features than private channels. One of those features is announcement channels. If you need help with setting up your community server, check out this guide on how to make a Discord server.

Once you have your community server set up, it’s time to make your first announcement channel on the platform!

1. Create a new channel

Once in your server, look for the category you want your announcements channel to live in. For this example, we are going to choose the “Community” category.

Note: if you need help with organizing categories and channels, check out this guide on how to move channels on Discord.

Then, click on the plus icon next to the category’s name to create a new channel.

how to make announcement channel in discord

2. Make a Discord announcement channel

When you create a channel, a new pop-up window will appear. From here, you’ll be able to select the type of channel you want to make, whether it be text, voice, forum, announcement, or stage channels. Select “Announcement“.

Then, give your announcements channel a name and click on “Create Channel“.

discord announcement channel

3. Check your new Discord announcement channel

If you did the steps correctly, now a new channel will appear in the category you chose. You will know this is an announcement channel because of the megaphone logo at the left of the channel’s name.

Additionally, announcement channels have the “Follow” option enabled, as shown below.

discord announcement

And that’s it! Now you can use this channel to deliver important community updates and news, as well as have additional reach to external servers.

Another important channel to have in your Discord server is a welcome channel, which allows new members to feel welcomed and understand the community’s functioning. Check out this guide on how to make a welcome channel on Discord to get started.

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