How To Make A Read-Only Channel On Discord

Creating a read-only channel inside a Discord server is fast and easy. Check out the step-by-step process here!

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Read-only Discord channels are a great way to give important information to users (such as the server’s rules or upcoming events) without those messages getting buried by others speaking. If you are just starting a Discord server, it’s a good practice to have read-only channels to better moderate your online community and avoid spam in important conversations.

Today’s post will focus on showing you how to make a Discord channel read-only in a few simple steps.

But first, let’s address some foundational concepts before getting into the tutorial:

What Is A Read-Only Channel?

Read-only channels limit the number of people that are able to speak in a specific channel. For example, you can create a channel where only moderators or the server owner can speak.

This way, members can read the messages you send in read-only channels, but they won’t be able to reply or send new messages.

Commonly, this feature is used in the rules’ channel or other channels to give announcements or important information, such as events. Users will be able to check out the info without it getting lost in the conversation.

But, how to make a Discord channel read-only? The process is straightforward. Remember that only server owners or people with the necessary permissions can change the following settings. Let’s see the step-by-step process!

How To Create and Set a Read-Only Channel On Discord

On mobile

1. Choose a channel to make read-only

The first thing to do is to choose the channel you want to make read-only. In case you don’t have one, you can create a new channel by clicking on the plus icon next to “Text Channels”.

Next, tap and hold on to the channel’s name until a window appears at the bottom of the screen. There, press “Edit Channel“.

how to make a read-only channel on discord mobile

2. Enter “Channel Permissions”

Once on the Channel Settings tab, tap on “Channel Permissions“.

3. Modify the channel’s permissions

First, tap on “Advanced View” to be able to modify all permissions. Then, tap on the @everyone role.

4. Disable the necessary permissions

There are four permissions you need to disable to make this channel read-only: Send Messages, Send Messages in Threads, Create Public Threads, and Create Private Threads. To disable them, click on the red X beside each permission.

However, we are not done yet. For someone to actually be able to write important messages (such as moderators, event managers, or someone else) on this channel, you need to create a specific role and grant them the necessary permissions.

5. Enter server settings

Tap on the three dots next to your server’s name, and then press on the gear icon of “Settings“.

6. Enter the roles menu

Scroll down a bit and tap on “Roles“.

7. Create a new role

Inside “Server Roles“, there is a plus icon on the top right of the screen. By tapping there, you will be able to create a new role. There are three tabs: Display, Permissions, and Members. Once you select a name and color in the first tab, enter “Permissions” to modify the role’s permissions according to what you’d like members with this role to be able to do inside the server.

Next, make sure to add members you want to have this role on the “Members” tab.

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8. Add the newly created role to the read-only channel

Now you have to go back to step 3’s screen. First, head to the read-only channel’s settings, tap on “Channel Permissions”, then on “Advanced View”, and lastly on “Add Role” as shown below.

From there, you can add the role you recently created and grant users with that role permission to send messages to this read-only channel.

9. Enable the necessary permissions

The only thing left to do is to enable the permissions you disable in step 4. Now, only users with that role can send messages inside your read-only channel.

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On desktop

1. Enter channel settings

Once you choose the channel you want to make read-only (you can create one by clicking on the plus icon next to “Text Channels”) tap on the gear icon to enter that channel’s settings.

how to make a discord channel read-only

2. Enter channel permissions

Select “Permissions” from the menu that appears at the left. Then, tap on “Advanced Permissions” and make sure that under “Roles/Members” the role @everyone is selected.

channel settings

3. Disable the permissions that apply

To make a channel read-only, you need to prevent users from sending messages. You can do this by clicking on the red X beside four specific permissions: Send Messages, Send Messages in Threads, Create Public Threads, and Create Private Threads.

disable text channel permissions

However, you need to grant permissions to some users to send messages, such as moderators or event managers. To do this, we will create a new role for certain users to be able to send messages to this read-only channel.

4. Enter the server’s settings

Click on your server’s name and then on “Server Settings“.

server settings

5. Create a new role

From the menu at the left, select “Roles“. Then, click on the plus icon to create a role. The tab “Display” will allow you to name the role and choose a color.

You can then enter the “Permissions” tab to grant permissions for users with this role. Lastly, on “Manage Members” make sure you add all users you want to be able to send messages to your read-only channel.

create a new role

6. Go back to channel permissions

Now, go back to the screen of step 2 (Edit Channel > Permissions). Besides “Roles/Members” there is a plus icon. Click here, and add your newly created role.

how to make a channel read only

7. Enable the necessary settings

Now, you need to enable all four settings you disabled in step 3. This will make only users with the newly created role able to send messages inside this channel, making it effectively read-only.

enable text channel permissions

Frequently Asked Questions About Read-Only Discord Channels

If you want users to be able to send messages again inside your read-only channel, go to Edit Channel > Permissions. Select the role @everyone and enable the text channel permissions you disabled when making it read-only.

Go to Edit Channel > Permissions. Then, disable the permissions under “Text Channel Permissions” for the role @everyone.

Now that you’ve learned how to make a Discord channel read-only, are you ready to take your server to the next level? Check out these proven strategies to grow your Discord server!

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