FeverBee is a free online community for community managers. It has thousands of members from all over the world, and you can join no matter your expertise level.

The community works in an online forum where members can post questions and get answers from other members. The diversity of perspectives help tremendously to gain knowledge and insights. Here, you can get help according to the actual struggles and obstacles you encounter when dealing with communities.

FeverBee has also a free content library for community builders that includes templates, guides, and other tools. These resources help you enhance and elevate your community management career.

They also offer 12 on-demand courses (with an average price of $750) if you want further education. And if you need personalized help, you can hire their consultancy services. FeverBee's team will advise you based on proven frameworks and strategies they are developing since 2010.


  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2010
  • Founders:

    Richard Millington

  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Free forum with community managers from all over the world:
FeverBee's forum is an online space where community managers discuss topics related to building and growing communities. You can join for free no matter what stage of your career you are in, and benefit from the diversity of perspectives, industries, and expertise levels you will find inside.

Free content library:
The community has a content library with templates, guides, strategies, insights, webinars, strategies, and more, all curated to help you grow as a community manager.

Get training and expert consultancy:
FeverBee has 12 on-demand courses with an average cost of $750. If you need more personalized, hands-on help, you can hire their consultancy services that will teach you proven frameworks and strategies to skyrocket your communities' growth.


No requirements.


Learning Events

Richard Millington, FeverBee's founder, is a regular speaker both on virtual and in-person events. In his blog, he shares future events such as interviews, talks, webinars, and workshops. His latest webinars are free and by enrolling you will also get the post-event recording.

Networking Events

FeverBee's members network in the community's online forum. There is a member directory that sorts members according to the type of community they work with, and dedicated categories to network and connect, such as "Small Talk" and "Forum Support".

They interact in the forum to post questions and answer open debates from other members. The purpose of the forum is to connect, network, and share knowledge while helping people to solve specific challenges and obstacles they encounter.

Content Library

FeverBee has a thriving content library with templates, guides, strategies, blog posts, and other tools. This resources are free to everyone who want to explore them.


The community has 12 on-demand courses to help community managers to build and grow communities based on proven frameworks and strategies. The courses have an average cost of $750.


Compared to other community content, we felt Feverbee’s evidence-based model for developing vibrant and engaging communities would best meet our needs. We needed a consultant who had the expertise and cared to learn what work we had already done and help shape it. We have had a fabulous launch of our community and members are engaging and learning out loud together. All of the detail that went into the process was worth it – it worked, and continues to shape our ongoing management plan and expectations.” -Teresa H. Caraway

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