Does Discord Notify When You Kick Someone?

Explore what the user sees after you kick or ban from a Discord server.

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Banning and kicking users are last-resort actions that moderators apply when members break either Discord’s community guidelines or the server’s rules. But, what happens when you take that decision? Does Discord notify when you kick someone?

In today’s post, we’re going to answer those questions in detail.

What Happens When You Kick or Ban Someone?

Kicking or banning people from a Discord server can only be done by a moderator or admin, and it’s a very useful feature to keep your community safe.

Kicking a user only removes them from the server, allowing them to join again both on their own (if the server is public) or by being invited by someone (if the server is private). On the other hand, banning someone is a more permanent solution. They can’t join the server again unless they use a VPN to change their IP address.

But, what happens when you kick or ban someone?

Let’s find out. Here, we’re going to kick test__user from the server. In the first image, we see that the user is still on the server.

what happens when you kick someone

From the users’ list, we’re going to find test__user and right-click on the username. From here, you can choose to timeout, kick, or ban a user.

kicking/banning someone in discord

After the user has been kicked, this is how they’re going to see Discord:

does discord notify when you kick someone

As you can see, the server simply disappeared from the users’ servers list, making it very difficult to know whether they have been kicked/banned or the admin simply deleted the server.

Does Discord Notify When You Kick Someone?

Short answer: no. When you kick or ban someone, you can provide a reason explaining why you did it:

reason for kicking or banning someone

However, the reason you provide here will only be visible to other moderators on the server. The user won’t receive any type of notification from Discord that they have been kicked or banned.

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