Best Staff Application Questions For Discord Moderators

We all know that moderating a Discord server can be a lot of work. Especially if you run a large community. So, if you're looking to expand your team, here we'll explore important application questions you should ask to aspiring moderators.

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We all know that moderating a Discord server can be a lot of work. Especially if you run a large community. But there are ways to make it easier on yourself, like hiring people to do the moderation work for you. Or even hire multiple moderators! If you’re one of the Discord server staff members, we’ll discuss some important application questions in this post so you can find the perfect moderator(s) for your community.

Which Are The Responsibilities Of A Discord Moderator?

A proper moderator will ensure your community is as close as possible to a 5-star experience for everyone on your server. To do this well, a potential moderator needs to understand the rules and guidelines for the Discord server.

Moderation efforts are key to growing a safe, friendly, and welcoming Discord server. It’s also important for increasing member engagement. Above all, moderators must ensure that members follow the rules and guidelines of the community.

They should also moderate user-generated content and take necessary measures to reduce inappropriate content and spam. If your moderator takes this approach, it’ll do wonders to increase the engagement of your Discord server. Moderators should also provide helpful rule explanationstips, and advice to Discord server users.

Depending on the platform – be it Discord, Facebook, or Slack – group moderators have different responsibilities. However, the core of their role is always the same. They should ensure that the community remains a friendly and safe place for everyone.

That’s why moderators need community builders who set clear and concise rules. And while the moderator needs to know them intimately, the members need to have them in mind as well.


how to make someone a moderator on discord

Discord gives moderators full control over who’s allowed to speak in each channel, how, and when. Therefore, choosing the right moderator(s) for your community is a big responsibility!

Questions To Ask Aspiring Staff Members

Hiring new Discord staff is hard. However, as a current Discord staff member, you can ask some specific application questions that will help you determine if a member can successfully fill the moderator role in your community 👇

#1: Why Do You Want To Be A Discord Mod?

The first of the Discord staff application questions we’ve thought about is to ask prospective moderators why they think they’re qualified for this position. Also, ask them for examples of past experiences in which they successfully handled certain situations professionally. And what they learned from those problem-solving experiences.

#2: What’s Your Level of Experience With Moderation?

While we believe that everyone is constantly learning new things, as a staff member you may prefer to hire a moderator who already has experience. Therefore, this is a good question to ask during the application process if you’re looking for someone who’s some level of experience moderating Discord servers.

#3: Why Do You Want to Be Part of Our Discord Server?

We’re pretty sure this is an easy application question to answer since applicants will have thought about it before they meet with you. Or even before they send their application!

However, there are some tips on what to look for in potential moderators’ answers. This way you can find out how much they know about moderation. And whether they’re suitable for your Discord server. Whether they’ve experienced moderating other servers or not, passion and proactivity are important qualities to keep in mind!

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How To Apply For Staff Positions

In this section, we’ll be going over how to apply for moderator roles in Discord servers. And what you should expect when applying!


  1. Make sure your profile is up to date and includes all relevant information before you apply. For example, if you’re applying for a gamer community, be sure to include your game hours and game history.
  1. Include relevant links to past projects or responsibilities to help the server’s staff get a better idea of who you are as a person.
  2. When you send your application message, explain why you want to become a moderator on that particular Discord server. This way you can show the community owner why he should choose you over the other applicants!
  3. Be proactive when contacting admins. If you see a role that interests you, reach out to the server’s admin for more information about what they’re looking for in an applicant.
  4. Be honest about yourself, your experience, and your availability.
  5. Show evidence of your commitment to being active in the community. This can be done by joining regularly, answering questions, and being involved in discussions.


  1. Don’t give up if your first applications are unsuccessful.
  2. Don’t get too casual on your application! It’s good to be casual and easygoing. But make sure you don’t go overboard.
  3. Don’t lie in your application.
  4. Don’t send an application with typos or grammatical errors. Take your time to check it multiple times before sending it to the staff.
  5. Avoid being overly formal in your approach. They want to see how you communicate with others!

Discord can be a wild place, full of bots and spammy content that needs to be mediated. So one of the best ways to make your community a safe and friendly place for everyone is moderation. Because we know it’s hard enough to keep track of everything that happens in a community.

And since you can’t be everywhere at once, sometimes you might need help monitoring the virtual stage. Or maybe you’d like someone with special knowledge of your community (like a wiki administrator) to take on the role of moderator, so they can step in when something interesting happens.

Either way, these application questions should help you find the ideal moderators for your Discord server – and whoever you choose will hopefully bring their own personality and style to the table as well!

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