ChatGPT Discord Bot: Use ChatGPT in Discord in Just a Few Steps!

discord chatgpt bot
Whether you're looking to enhance community engagement, facilitate access to information, or simply bring the power of AI to Discord to have fun with friends, here you'll find how to add a ChatGPT Discord bot to your server. Keep reading to find out how! 🤖✨
discord chatgpt bot

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The integration of AI chatbots into digital communities has become increasingly common. Among these is ChatGPT, a tool that already could be integrated into platforms like Telegram or even WhatsApp, and now can be used directly on Discord. The ChatGPT Discord bot allows you to do so without coding knowledge and without the need to delve into OpenAI’s API.

In this blog post, we’re zooming in on how to integrate ChatGPT into your Discord server. You’ll get a straightforward, step-by-step guide on inviting the ChatGPT Discord bot to your server, making the setup process a breeze even for beginners.

Let’s get started! 👇

ChatGPT for Discord: Why Use a Discord AI Bot?

Imagine having a bot in your Discord server that not only takes care of mundane tasks but also is your 24/7 assistant, transforming how your community interacts and operates: that’s already possible with Discord AI bots.

In fact, AI Bots can handle a variety of tasks that make life easier for Discord server admins and members alike. Need someone to moderate conversations? How about welcoming new members? There are lots of Discord bots out there that help you automate tasks and make your community more efficient.

Among these, the ChatGPT Discord bot is your direct line to one of the most advanced AI chat systems, right within your Discord server.

But, what does this mean for your server?

First, it’s like having an AI-powered chat partner at your and your members’ fingertips. Whether it’s answering questions, brainstorming ideas, assisting in organizing events, or just engaging in witty banter, ChatGPT can do it all, making interactions in your server more lively and informative.

This isn’t just about fun chats, but also about enriching your community with a resource that’s always ready to offer information, ideas, or a quick joke to lighten the mood. Moreover, the ChatGPT bot is incredibly user-friendly. You don’t need to be a tech wizard to bring this AI powerhouse into your Discord.

About the ChatGPT Discord Bot

By integrating ChatGPT with Discord, you’re bringing a versatile, engaging AI bot into your server that can keep the conversation going, spark creativity, and provide valuable insights whenever needed.

This integration is made possible by the ChatGPT Discord bot, an unofficial yet widely acclaimed bot (developed by Turing AI) that’s working on over 311,000 servers globally.

You can take a look at their GitHub repository to get a glimpse into how it works. Additionally, they also have a Discord support server that’s great when looking for direct assistance and interaction with the developers.

This bot offers a premium subscription plan for both individuals and entire servers. For individuals, the plans start at 4.99€/month and include benefits like lower cooldowns, a higher token/character limit, no ads, and early access to new features like GPT-4/Claude 2.

If you’re looking to extend these features to members in the entire server, you can do so at 19.99€/month, payable via multiple methods including PayPal and cryptocurrencies. It’s easy to subscribe by typing the /premium command into a server that uses the bot.

How to Add and Use the ChatGPT Discord Bot

Step 1: Invite the Bot to Your Server

To begin, visit the ChatGPT Discord bot’s official page and click on “Invite this Bot”.

chatgpt discord bot

Then, a pop-up window will prompt you to select your server. If you don’t have a server, you’ll need one to try this, but don’t worry because you can make a Discord server very quickly.

The last step is to authorize the bot and voilà, the ChatGPT bot is now part of your Discord community.

Step 2: Using ChatGPT in Discord

Once you add the bot, you can start to play with it. Simply go to any text channel and start using its commands:

  • /settings me: use this command to select the type of model you want to use. You can choose among Claude 2, Claude Instant, OpenChat, Zephyr Beta, or Gemini. The same command serves for you to choose the chat style, whether it be General, Chat, Image, or Premium.
  • /imagine: this command lets you generate AI images, though for more accurate, high-quality generations we recommend trying one of these AI art generators instead.
  • /chat: with this command, you can use the AI chatbot with the settings (model and chat style) of your choosing. Let’s try this command with the following prompt:

To try this, simply write /chat in any text channel, press enter, write a prompt, and then press enter again. Here’s what the AI chatbot returned for our prompt:

how to add chatgpt to discord


Can you integrate ChatGPT into Discord?

Yes, absolutely! Integrating ChatGPT into Discord is a breeze. The ChatGPT Discord bot brings the power of advanced AI chatbots directly into your server. It’s like having a smart, witty, and informative chat partner available 24/7 for you and your community members.

How do you use a chatbot in Discord?

Using a chatbot in Discord is super simple. Once you’ve added a bot like ChatGPT to your server, you can interact with it using specific commands. For instance, /chat to start a conversation with the bot. Just type the command in any text channel, and the bot will respond accordingly.

How do I add AI to Discord?

You can add AI to Discord by inviting pre-made AI bots from bot directories. Alternatively, if you’re tech-savvy, you can create your own custom AI bot using programming languages like Python and integrate it with Discord’s API.

How to integrate ChatGPT in a chatbot?

To integrate ChatGPT into a chatbot, you have two main options. If you’re comfortable with coding, you can create a custom chatbot using OpenAI’s API. Alternatively, you can use the ChatGPT Discord bot. This option requires no coding skills: simply invite the bot to your server, and you’ll have immediate access to ChatGPT.

And there you have it! Whether you’re looking to spice up your server with some AI flair or seeking a reliable assistant for information and fun, integrating ChatGPT into your Discord server is a great choice. For more insights into leveraging ChatGPT, explore our guide on using ChatGPT to streamline the content creation process.

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