How to Embed Links in Discord [3 Ways]

Discover three ways to create a Discord hyperlink and learn how to embed links in Discord.

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While you can send links, there is no Discord hyperlink built-in feature (that is, the possibility to attach links to a word or sentence). This can be annoying because long or awkward links unnecessarily clutter a server and aren’t aesthetically pleasing. Luckily, there are three ways to add Discord hyperlinks:

Method #1: Using Bots

There are many bots out there that allow you to create a Discord embed link. Carl-bot is a well-known bot for Discord, and it’s a great option to embed links on your server.

For this guide, we’ll use Carl-bot. However, feel free to use any bot you like that has the feature to create embeds since the steps will be similar for other bots.

1. Invite the Bot to Your Server

First, go to Carl-bot’s website and click on ‘Invite’ or ‘Log in with Discord’ to invite the bot to your Discord server.

invite carl-bot to server

After that, select your server, click on ‘Continue’, and then on ‘Authorize‘. That’s all you need to do to add Carl-bot to your Discord server.

authorize discord bot

Once you invite Carl-bot to your server, you will be redirected to the page shown below. This is a setup wizard to configure different aspects of the bot. You can follow the recommended steps by clicking on ‘Get started’, or simply click on ‘Skip’ if all you want to do is to create your embed.

carl-bot setup wizard

Once on Carl-bot’s dashboard, scroll down the menu at the left until you find the ‘Embeds‘ option, under the ‘Utility’ category. From here, you will be able to create Discord embed links to send to diverse channels inside your server.

To create a Discord hyperlink, put the desired text into [square brackets]. Then, add the URL you want to link to that text into (parentheses) right next to the square brackets, without any spaces in between, just like this:

[hyperlink text](URL)

You’ll be able to see a preview of your embedded link inside the ‘Preview‘ section on the right.

embed links in discord with bots

The Carl-bot embed builder allows you to personalize many aspects of your embed link, such as the title, color, images, and more. Refer to Carl-bot’s documentation page to see a full tutorial on Discord embed links.

3. Post Your Discord Hyperlink

Once your Discord embed link is looking nice, it’s time to post it on your server. To do this, simply select the channel you want to post under ‘Destination‘, and then click on ‘Post‘.

how to hyperlink in discord embed

And that’s it! This is one of the methods you can use to emulate a Discord hyperlink feature. Now, let’s see another way to create embed links.

how to embed links in discord using bots

Method #2: Using Webhook URLs

Webhooks are a built-in Discord feature to send automated messages and updates to a text channel in your server. In fact, creating a Webhook URL to generate a Discord hyperlink is one of many functions webhooks have. So, this is how to embed links in Discord with webhooks:

1. Create a New Webhook

To find the webhooks menu, right-click on your server’s name or icon at the top left corner and select ‘Server Settings‘.

server settings

Then, go to ‘Integrations‘ under the ‘Apps’ category. From there, you’ll be able to click on ‘Create Webhook‘.

webhooks discord

2. Configure Your Webhook

Once you are in the ‘Webhooks’ menu, click on ‘New Webhook‘. Then, choose a name for the webhook and the channel you wish to post the Discord hyperlink you generate with it. Additionally, you can change the avatar of the webhook.

copy webhook url discord

Once you are done configuring your webhook, click on ‘Save Changes’ and then on ‘Copy Webhook URL‘.

The next step is to head to and click on ‘Start Now’. This page is a Discord embed links generator that works with webhooks and allows us to generate the hyperlinks we want. webhooks hyperlinks generator

As soon as you click on ‘Start Now’ and dismiss the welcome message, you’ll see the same dashboard as shown below. Here, under ‘Webhook URL‘, paste the URL you copied earlier when creating the webhook in Discord.

how to embed links in discord using webhooks

Then, scroll down until you see the ‘Embeds‘ section. Here, you only need to complete the ‘Description‘ field with the same format we used for the Carl-bot method. This means your text goes into [square brackets] and the URL into (parentheses), without any spaces in between:

[hyperlink text](URL)
how to hyperlink in discord embed

Similarly to Carl-bot, you have lots of other options to customize your Discord hyperlink and make it more aesthetically pleasing. For example, you can add a title, an image, a thumbnail, change the color, and much more.

Once you are done with the embed (you can check the preview on the right to see the final result), make sure you complete the ‘Username’ field and then click on ‘Send Message‘.

how to embed links in discord

And that’s it! The Discord embed link will be sent to the channel you specified when creating the webhook.

discord add hyperlink

If you aren’t a server admin you won’t be able to use the first two methods. So, how to embed links in Discord in this case?

Short answer: you can’t, since Discord doesn’t have this option for non-admin users. However, you can use link shorteners.

One of the main reasons to use embedded links is to avoid cluttering the server with long links. Although they don’t generate a Discord hyperlink, link shorteners allow you to share a shorter link.

There are many link shorteners out there, but TinyURL is free and works in Discord. Simply enter TinyURL’s website, paste your URL, and click on ‘Make TinyURL!’.

how to embed links in discord using link shorteners

Now you can copy the link given by the page and paste it on the Discord channel you want to send it to.


What Is an Embed in Discord?

A Discord embed is a feature that allows you to create a rich media frame directly in the chat. You can use bots like Carl-bot to create these embeds, which can include text, images, and URLs, making the content more visually appealing.

Can You Make Hyperlinks in Discord?

While Discord doesn’t have a built-in feature for hyperlinking text, you can use bots or webhooks to create a Discord hyperlink.

How Do I Embed a Hyperlink in Discord?

To create a Discord hyperlink, you can use Carl-bot or Webhook URLs, as mentioned in the blog post. The markdown syntax remains the same: [hyperlink text](URL).

How Do I Add a Link to Discord Without Embed?

If you’re not a server admin and can’t use bots or Webhook URLs, you can use link shorteners like TinyURL. This won’t create Discord embed links but will allow you to share a shorter version of the link, reducing clutter in the chat.

In today’s post, we’ve covered all currently available methods to emulate a Discord hyperlink feature. Now that you’ve learned how to embed links in Discord, why not explore how to make Discord reaction roles?

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