Best Discord Voice Changers: Step-by-Step Tutorial + Top Picks

Are you looking to add some fun and creativity to your Discord conversations? In this blog post, we'll introduce you to the top five Discord voice changer software options, and we'll also provide a step-by-step tutorial on how to use Voicemod for real-time voice modulation on Discord.

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Are you looking to change your regular voice on Discord? Do you want to add some fun and creativity to your conversations? Here, we’ll introduce you to the best Discord voice changer software options and provide a step-by-step tutorial on how to use Voicemod for real-time voice modulation.

Top 5 Discord Voice Changer Software

Voice changers allow you to modify your voice in real time during conversations on Discord and other platforms. They are installed on a system level, so every application that uses a microphone or other audio capture device will be affected by voice changers. 

But there are lots of voice changer options out there. To help you choose which one to install, here are our top five picks for the best Discord voice filters:

1. Voicemod

Voicemod is a leading Discord voice changer with wide popularity among users. Many Discord users (gamers, content creators, and streamers alike) leverage Voicemod to alter their voices in real time.

One of the main benefits of Voicemod is its user-friendliness and real-time voice modulation. With Voicemod, you can choose from a variety of AI voice and sound effects and apply them instantly during your Discord conversations.

Pricing: You can use Voicemod for free or get a Voicemod PRO subscription (in the United States, prices range from $9.99/month, $19.99/year, or $99.99 for a lifetime subscription).

Voicemod Lab is a feature of Voicemod PRO that allows users to create custom voice changers and personalized effects to use in all their favorite programs and games.

2. Clownfish

Clownfish is another top choice for Discord voice modification. It has several voice effects for you to choose from.

It also offers various standalone plugins to extend the usability of the application, such as a music player with enhanced audio control and playlist, a sound player with built-in sounds, and Virtual Studio Technology (VST) plugin support. 

Pricing: Clownfish is completely free to download and use.

3. Voxal

Voxal is a program that allows users to change their voice in any application or game that uses a microphone. It offers a variety of voice effects and customization options, making it a valuable tool for Discord users.

The software offers a voice library with options such as robot, girl, boy, and more; as well as distortion, amplify, and other sound settings and effects. Users can also create or use custom voices, modify vocal recordings, and apply effects to audio file recordings.

Pricing: The software is free to download, but to use all of its features, users will need to purchase Voxal.

4. Voicemeeter

Voicemeeter is a virtual mixing console and sound card that allows users to manage and mix any audio source(s) with any audio application(s) in an easy way. It offers many useful features for audio activities, such as VoIP users, video gamers, and users of audio software like VLC and Audacity. 

The software allows users to mix and process different sound signals in real-time with equalizers, compressors, and noise gates. Voicemeeter also offers a basic voice changer and allows you to apply different sound effects to your voice.

Pricing: Voicemeeter is distributed under the donationware model, which means that it can be downloaded and used free of charge, without any limitation of functionalities.

5. MorphVOX

MorphVOX offers a variety of voice effects and customization options, allowing you to create a unique voice for your Discord conversations.

The software allows users to morph their voice into different characters, such as a man, woman, robot, or giant, and it offers a variety of sound effects to choose from. MorphVOX also offers a text-to-VoIP plugin for users to speak through VoIP using customizable text-to-speech voices.

Pricing: MorphVOX Junior is completely free. MorphVOX Pro, on the other hand, is paid (it has a one-time cost of $39.99) and offers advanced voice-learning algorithms, background cancellation, and a large library of voice and sound effects, among other features.

How to Use a Voice Changer on Discord: Voicemod Step-by-Step Tutorial

Since Voicemod is the most popular and user-friendly voice changer for Discord, we’ll use this program as an example for our step-by-step tutorial. However, the process for installation and configuration is similar for most voice changer software.

Below, you’ll find a detailed breakdown of how to use a voice changer on Discord, specifically, how to use Voicemod for Discord.

1. Download and Install Voicemod

To get started with Voicemod, you need to download and install it from the official website by clicking on ‘Get Voicemod Free‘.

free discrd voice changer (voicemod)

Then, you’ll be prompted to create an account in Voicemod. If you choose to log in with Discord, you’ll see a window where you’ll need to authorize the Voicemod app to access your Discord account. The download will start immediately after you click on ‘Authorize’.

Once the download is complete, run the installation file. Simply follow the on-screen instructions to install Voicemod on your computer.

2. Configure Voicemod

Once you have Voicemod, it’s time to set it up. After the installation is completed, follow the instructions on-screen to choose your input and output audio.

Once configured, Voicemod will finally launch. In the ‘Voicebox‘ tab, you’ll find the available sounds you can use for free. There is a daily rotation of free voice effects, but only PRO users are able to use all of the available voice effects.

discord voice changer
The ‘Soundboard’ tab, on the other hand, has all the sound effects you can use in Voicemod.

3. Start Using Voicemod on Discord

Once you have installed Voicemod on your computer, the next step is to configure it on Discord. To set Voicemod as the input device in Discord settings, open Discord and click on the ‘User Settings‘ gear icon next to your username in the bottom left corner.

Next, go to ‘Voice & Video‘, under the ‘App Settings‘ category. Then, choose the option ‘Voicemod Virtual Audio Device‘ both for your input and output device.

how to use a voice changer (voicemod)

With Voicemod configured, you’re ready to apply voice effects in real time during your Discord conversations. In Voicemod, select the voice effect you want to use, speak into your microphone, and your altered voice will be transmitted to your Discord friends in the voice channels and stages you join.

Discord voice changer software is a fun and creative way to add some personality to your conversations on the platform. To keep leveraging other apps to enhance your Discord experience, check out this tutorial on how to show what YouTube video you’re currently watching.

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