How to Stream Netflix on Discord [And Host Fun Watch Parties on Your Server!]

how to stream netflix on discord
Wondering how to stream Netflix on Discord? By following the steps in this guide, you can host your own watch parties or movie nights on Discord, creating an exciting and interactive experience for your server members. Give it a try and happy streaming!
how to stream netflix on discord

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Are you ready to transform your Discord server into a virtual movie theater? In this tutorial, we’ll explore how to stream Netflix on Discord in just a few simple steps to help you screen share Netflix on your server and share your favorite movies and TV shows with others.

Streaming Netflix on Discord is a fun way to bring people together, allowing you to host movie nights with friends or watch parties to engage your community. So, grab your popcorn, sit back, and let’s get started! 🍿📽️

How to Stream Netflix on Discord

Streaming Netflix on Discord is easy, and it only involves a few straightforward steps:

  1. Launch Netflix in a browser.
  2. Launch the Discord app.
  3. Open the Discord server where you want to stream Netflix.
  4. Go to ‘User Settings’.
  5. Navigate to ‘Registered Games’ (under ‘Activity Settings’).
  6. Add your browser as a streamable activity.
  7. Use the ‘Go Live’ feature in Discord to start streaming.

Now, let’s see how to execute each step with more detail.

Step 1: Launch Netflix and Go to Discord’s ‘User Settings’

Start by opening Netflix in your browser and then launching the Discord app. Open the server where you want to stream Netflix. If you don’t have one, don’t worry, because you can make a Discord server very easily in just a couple of steps.

Then, go to ‘User Settings‘ by clicking on the gear icon at the bottom left corner of the Discord app, next to your username.

Step 2: Navigate to Discord’s ‘Registered Games’ and Add Netflix

Next, locate the ‘Activity Settings‘ category by scrolling down the menu at the left-hand side of the screen. Select the ‘Registered Games‘ option. Then, add your browser as a game by clicking on the ‘Add it!’ button.

Step 3: Start Streaming on Discord

To start streaming, first go back to the server. Above your username, you’ll see your browser’s icon next to a button to start streaming. Click on it.

how to screen share netflix on discord

Then, a pop-up window will appear, where you’ll be able to select the voice channel in which you want to start the Netflix party. Make sure to check the box to notify the server you’re streaming, so members will know the event has started.

Now, the only thing left to do is to choose your desired resolution and frame rate, and click ‘Go Live‘ to start streaming!

how to stream movies on discord

Once you go live, head to your browser and start playing your desired movie or TV show on Netflix, and you’re good to go.

how to stream netflix on discord

How to Stream Movies on Discord – Tips to Organize a Watch Party in Your Server

As we’ve just seen, Discord’s streaming capabilities allow community builders to host watch parties or movie nights on their servers. This is a great idea for a Discord event, which allows you to ramp up members’ engagement in the server.

Whether it’s the latest Netflix hit, a cherished classic, or a binge-worthy series, the steps to stream in Discord are super easy and they remain consistent across various streaming services. This flexibility makes Discord an ideal platform for streaming movies, whether you use Netflix, Stremio, Mubi, or any other streaming service.

Just ensure your Discord server is well-organized by creating a dedicated channel for movie nights. This will be the go-to spot for all movie-related interactions, and it serves as a place where you can post updates, discuss movie choices, and share schedules.

Also, make sure to test your setup beforehand. Discord allows screen sharing at various resolutions and frame rates, so choose settings that balance quality with bandwidth capabilities.

To make the movie night more engaging, consider having pre-movie and post-movie discussions. You can create voice channels for live reactions and text channels for ongoing commentary during the movie.


Is it possible to stream Netflix on Discord?

Yes! Streaming Netflix on Discord is possible and has become a popular way to enjoy content together online. You can do so by following the steps mentioned in this tutorial.

How do I stream Netflix on Discord without the black screen?

To avoid the Discord streaming black screen issue, disable hardware acceleration in your browser and Discord settings (User Settings > App Settings > Advanced > Hardware Acceleration).

How do I show Netflix on Discord status?

You can do so with the PreMiD application, which allows you to show what you’re doing on diverse platforms (including Netflix) in Discord’s ‘currently playing’ status. We have a tutorial on how to show what YouTube video are you currently watching that will serve you for Netflix as well.

How do you share your Netflix screen?

You can screen share Netflix on Discord by adding Netflix as a streamable activity in Discord’s ‘Registered Games’ section and then using the ‘Go Live’ feature in a voice channel.

Streaming Netflix on Discord is a fun and engaging way to bring people together. By following the steps in this tutorial, you can host your own watch parties on Discord. Just make a poll first to know your members’ movie preferences. Happy streaming!

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