Boost Community Engagement With Polls [Discord Tutorial]

Polls are a great way to engage with your community. And Discord is the best place to do it! In this post you'll learn how to make a simple Discord voting poll, using emojis or with the simple poll bot in a 3-step tutorial

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Polls are a great way to engage with your community. And Discord is the best place to do it! It brings a bit of fun to your server and gives users the opportunity to vote for their favorite feature, item, or whatever you ask them. Therefore, in this post you’ll learn how to make a simple Discord voting poll, using emojis or with the simple poll bot in a 3-step tutorial 👇

Build a Simple Discord Voting Poll

Discord polls can help you boost engagement and collect valuable information from your audience. You can ask for people’s opinions, preferences, or experiences, and learn more about your community. And it’s really easy to set up, you can do it in three simple steps 👇

Step #1: Create a Poll Channel

The first thing you need to do is create a Discord channel dedicated only to polls. You can create a new channel by clicking on the plus sign at the top right of your screen and selecting Create Channel.

create a poll & questions channel on discord
You can create a #polls-and-questions channel on your Discord server!

Step #2: Use a Poll Creation Website

Once you’ve created your new channel, look for a survey creation website –such as StrawPoll– and click on the Create a new poll button.

StrawPoll is the most common survey creation website used on Discord. After you set the parameters for your poll by setting the main question and answers, the platform generates a link for your poll that you can then share on Discord.

Last but not least, share the link to your poll on your Discord channel and tag @everyone in your message.


Create a Discord Poll Using Emojis

Instead of simple options, you can also add emojis to your polls and ask people to click on them. This is a great way to encourage participation by catching your audience’s attention.

Step #1: Create a Conversation in Discord

To create a survey, you need to create a new message in one of your Discord server’s channels. As we previously mentioned, a good option is to create a poll and questions-only channel so that this kind of content is all in one place.

Note that the message should include a question –‘Do you enjoy being part of this community?’– and you could also tag @everyone so that all of your community members are notified about the new poll.

discord poll using emojis on a #polls-and-questions channel

Step #2: Add Emojis to Your Message

To add emojis to your message, click on the emoji icon at the bottom of your screen. This will bring up a list of emoji options. And clicking on one will insert it into your message. It’s important to clarify which emojis users should use to react to your message in order for the poll to work!

discord poll using emojis

Step #3: Ask Members to React With Emojis!

That’s all, folks! Now you should ask members to react to your poll with the chosen emojis. That way they will be already giving you their answers.

Member reaction to polls

Make a Discord Poll Using a Bot

A poll bot can help you quickly create polls with predefined options. It’s easy to set up a poll with Yes/ No, multi answers, and even emojis.

Step #1: Choose a Bot from

Go to Pollmaster Bot on the website and click on Invite.

When clicking on the Invite button, it will redirect you to your Discord account, where you’ll have to authorize connecting the Pollmaster bot with one of your servers.

authorize poll bot

Step #2: Go to the Server & Open the Channel Where You Want to Create the Poll

Once you authorize the bot, it will appear on your #general channel on your Discord server. Therefore, you can already use its poll functions. Now, the Pollmaster bot will be able to make multiple kinds of polls.

Here are some of the commands you can choose from and their effects 👇

pm!helpShows an interactive help menu
pm!newStarts a new poll with the most common settings
pm!advancedStarts a new poll for all the settings
pm!quickStarts a new poll with just a question and options
pm!showShows poll in a specified channel (can be different from the original channel)
pm!prefixChange the prefix for this server
@mention prefixShow the prefix if you forgot it
pm!userroleSet the role that has the rights to use the bot

Step #3: Create the Poll

If you want to create a quick poll with just a question and a few options, type a message that reads pm!quick.

create a quick poll with pollmaster bot

Then, type the question you want for your poll e.g. ‘Which of these platforms is best for building a community?’

type the question you want for your poll

And lastly, you’ll have to type your options!

poll created!

Apart from being super helpful for polls, bots are also great to automate other server management tasks. Therefore, now that you have thought about Discord polls and bots, it’s time to start thinking about getting your first community members!

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