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As the saying goes, two heads are better than one. In terms of creativity, and even productivity, choosing to have a co-founder to build a startup idea will most likely be a great decision.

However, finding the right co-founder can be tough. Not only you have to learn how to look for them, but also find the perfect person that shares your ideas, criteria, and business culture.

According to Harj Taggar, partner at Y Combinator, finding the right co-founder is the most important decision in the process of building a startup. He also mentions some of the reasons why having a funding partner is a great choice. Those are productivity, moral support, and pattern matching to success.

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So if you were still having doubts about whether or not to have a co-founder, the answer is ‘definitely’! In this article, we’ll share with you some of the best communities and founders groups.

Where To Find Co Founders

You can meet your potential partner in person or online. And while you’ll have to do some research to find people who’d like to build a startup with you, there’s something even more important when looking for a partner: They have to be someone who’s like-minded to you.

Nora Leary, co-founder of Launchway Media, states that partners have to find balance. This means finding someone with complementary skills. However, they have to share your same values and criteria to build a business plan you both believe in.

For instance, companies shouldn’t have two people that are both tech-focused and don’t understand the business or marketing elements of running a startup. Make sure that if one co-founder is tech-focused, the other has the business acumen to complement the other.

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According to a CB Insights report, 23% of startups that failed stated that not having the right team contributed to their failure. Human resources are key to building a successful business. And fundamentally a good co-founder, since they will be the ones making the final decisions next to you.

Best Communities to Connect With Potential Partners

Founder groups are great if you’re looking for a partner. If you’re searching and can’t seem to find the right match, this will probably be the right space for you. Fundamentally because it’s a community of members who share your same objective.

According to Startup Genome, startups that have two founders will most likely raise startup capital.

According to Startup Genome, startups that have two founders will most likely raise startup capital.


This community was created for SaaS founders, executives, and entrepreneurs.

Apart from offering plenty of free resources and an app that helps match people with similar interests, SaaStr organices networking events.

These are specially hosted for members to meet collaborators, possible partners, job candidates, and more.

Projectium Network

In Projectium Network, founders, entrepreneurs, and creators can post their work and get feedback from colleagues. Also, they count with a Discord server with over 1,470 members where founders can search, connect and interact with potential partners.

CoFounders Lab

This community has over 400,000 members from around the world. Creators, entrepreneurs, and leaders can connect with colleagues, participate in acceleration programs and meet potential partners. It’s a group full of opportunities to take startups to the next level!

Transcend Network

Transcend Network, a community for early-stage founders who are working full-time on projects focused on the future of education, learning, and work, has a selective and exclusive program called the Transcend Fellowship. It’s a 6-week program, but the membership is for life.

CoFounders Lab's tips on finding a co founder.

CoFounders Lab’s tips on finding a co-founder.

How To Find Co Founders On LinkedIn

Most online groups and communities are also present on social media, such as LinkedIn. That’s why joining this platform and creating a good-looking LinkedIn profile might help you reach potential partners.

Communities such as CoFounders Lab have great LinkedIn profiles where entrepreneurs and founders can find advice, resources, and potential partners.

LinkedIn also has exclusive groups within the platform. You just have to type ‘Co founder’ on the ‘Search’ bar and click ‘Groups’. Something similar to these results will appear, and you’ll be able to choose the one that better suits you.

LinkedIn has plenty of groups where founders can find their right partner.

LinkedIn has plenty of groups where founders can find their right partners.

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How Can Networking Help To Build The Founding Team?

Networking is key to finding the perfect partner and building a great working team. When joining online groups and communities, you’ll not only be able to find advice, resources, and support. You’ll also connect and network with colleagues and other entrepreneurs and founders.

When searching for the perfect co-founder, connecting with like-minded people is essential. Finding the missing puzzle piece, someone you can rely on, and help you bring your business to new and sometimes unexpected heights.

Best Accelerator Startup Programs

If you already built a team and your idea is on wheels, it’s time to get expert advice to level up your business. Communities often host training programs to aid with peer support, mentorship, and guidance on investing. Here, we list some of the best options for startups in early-stage of building.

CoFounders Lab has an exclusive 12-month accelerator program, where founders and entrepreneurs can learn from the best mentors and experts. By joining the program, they’ll be able to make them all the specific questions they want and receive coaching and one-on-one support.

However, if we want to get to know the biggest startup accelerator companies, we can’t fail to mention Y Combinator, known as the pioneer in the industry of startup accelerators, Techstars, and 500 Startups, among many others.

These are some of the best ways and groups to find co-founders to build a startup! If you’re on the building stage, don’t forget to check our post on how to build an audience before launching a product.

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