With over 400,000 members, CoFoundersLab is a worldwide community for innovators, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders. They offer a peer-learning platform to discover new opportunities and take your startup to the next level.

Being one of the largest business networks online, you can connect with experts working in diverse industries. It's the perfect place to discover new ideas and find co-founders to launch your projects.

Collaborate with a large network of professionals to build your brand and avoid the guesswork in the process. With mentors' help in webinars and Q&A sessions, you'll receive personalized support to make your own path.

By attending in-person events organized by the community, you can meet new collaborators and get inspired by success stories. Register for free to match, network, and learn by doing.

Access the platform to search and chat with potential co-founders, or choose a premium membership to unlock exclusive features.

To increase your chances of finding the perfect partner, you can opt for premium membership by paying a $14.99 monthly fee.

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Learning center:
Membership includes access to courses and learning material to upskill your project management. Discover how to accelerate your growth and implement proven strategies along with your peers.

Throughout a 12-month program, you'll learn how to develop a profitable company led by industry experts.

Join a community of founders:
Meet new people and discover talented professionals wishing to create amazing products. Take advantage of the matchmaking algorithms to find the perfect co-founder for your business.

Attend in-person events:
Receive invitations to meet US-based founders in local events.

Expand your local network and discuss insights with your fellows.

Create new connections and learn how owners are succeeding in their industries.

  • Monthly Cost

Included in Free Version

As a free member, you can access limited searches and messages.


No requirements.



Members join in local in-person events and online meetups organized within the platform. Attend gatherings in the US to discuss industry insights and get to know interesting people willing to collaborate in your projects.

Learning Events

With the CoFoundersLab learning center, entrepreneurs access curated resources to get support in their career development.

By joining the accelerator program, you can participate in a 12-month schedule to learn from mentors and experts. Use the space to ask your specific questions and receive coaching support.

Members apply for accelerators looking to learn the business management foundations and wishing to match with co-founders. The program includes accountability sessions and access to a startup community to expand your connections.

You can also be part of Q&A sessions to receive guidance from top industry leaders.

Networking Events

By registering, you'll access a platform where you can create a profile and interact with users. The community offers a space to engage and match with potential collaborators.

Take advantage of the networking features to build professional relationships and expand your connections.

With messaging and video features, you can make communication easy and fluid.


They offer courses with domain experts covering topics like marketing, fundraising, team building, and more.


"Thanks to @BizMasterP and the @CoFoundersLab for another great event last night. What's interesting and encouraging to me is how much I'm learning by attending these sessions. Always a sign of a good room." -Steve Vilkas

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  • Stefano
    March 20, 2023 at 11:10 pm

    I’m sorry to have to give a negative review for CoFounderslab, but I had a terrible experience with this platform.

    Firstly, my trial period ended without any warning. I did not receive any notification that my trial period was ending, and as a result, I was charged the monthly subscription fee without my consent.

    Secondly, I decided to cancel my subscription after this first bad experience, but I continued to be charged on my credit card. I sent several messages to CoFounderslab’s customer service, but never received any response. This situation didn’t caused significant financial discomfort but left me with a very poor impression of the service offered by CoFounderslab.

    In conclusion, I DO NOT recommend CoFounderslab to anyone. The customer service is terrible and their billing system is equally bad. I hope this review can help others avoid a similar situation.

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