6 Must Attend No-Code Conferences and Events for 2023

Conferences, meetups, and events are one of the best ways to network, make new contacts, and learn more about what's trending in the no-code world. So in this post, we show you six no-code events you can't miss in 2023.

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Conferences, meetups, and events are one of the best ways to network, make new contacts, and learn more about what’s trending in the no-code world. In addition, no-code conferences tend to be heavily community-based events. This means you’ll be surrounded by people who are building without writing code to learn, get inspired, and participate in no-code bootcamps to launch your idea fast.

If you’re a no-code developer, startup founder, or just have an idea, then you can’t miss our list of these must-attend no-code conferences and events for 2023.

#1: Daretable

Daretable is the unofficial Airtable user conference, expo, and awards. If you love no-code, are a community builder, or startup founder, this event is for you. They had the first event in 2020 with over 1,000 people signing up.

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This time, after the Covid-19 pandemic, Daretable’s back with an in-person no-code conference that will be carried out in the heart of tech development. The city of San Francisco, California.

No-code is a big tent and everyone loves Airtable. That’s why Daretable is an event made for everyone. However, they focus specifically on Airtable users, community builders, and tool makers.

Daretable is a US-based nocode conference.

🗓 When?

May 17-18, 2023

🚀 Tickets are not available yet, but once they are, you’ll be able to get them at daretable.com/2023.

#2: Product-Led Summit

The Product-Led Summit will take place this September 2023 in San Francisco, California. The Product-Led Summit is bringing together the world’s fastest-growing community of product professionals, growth gurus, founders, and thought leaders to hear from world-renowned companies and industry leaders.

Whether you are new to product-led growth or already established OG, this no-code conference has something for you! Previous conference speakers include Sneha Iyer, Product Manager at Meta, Sumanta Chatterjee, Senior Product Manager at TikTok, and Daniel Thomason, Product Manager at Google.

🗓 When?

September 6-7, 2023

🚀 Tickets go from $795 to $1296. The Team Pass costs $795 and it’s available for groups of three or more. It will give you access to all sessions, networking events, exhibitions, refreshments, lunch, happy hour, recordings on-demand, and a membership network.

On the other hand, there’s the Gold Ticket that costs $895, which includes the same elements as the first one but is for individual use only. Lastly, there’s the Platinum Pass that costs $1295, which includes an Annual PLA Membership.

To get tickets at an Early Bird price, enter the world.productledalliance.com website!

#3: No-Code Summit

The No-Code Summit is one of Europe’s more significant no-code events. While there’s still no date for the 2023 edition, the previous editions were incredibly successful. So all leads us to believe that there will be another No-Code Summit edition at some point next year.

Last year's no-code summit conference speakers.

Last year, this no-code conference that took place in Paris, France, received more than 1,000 attendees, including professionals and international speakers, such as leaders of the biggest international no-code platforms (Glide, Bubble, Tally, and Make, to name a few).

🚀 To keep updated on the latest news, visit the No-Code Summit website: nocode-summit.org.

#4: Bubble Summit – Co-building retreat

Bubble’s organizing a co-building retreat for Bubble developers that will take place in 2023 in Lisbon, Portugal. It’s a great opportunity for developers from around the world, particularly those in Europe, to become part of a program where you’d be able to share, learn, work on your no-code business ideas, and have fun with fellow devs!

no-code retreat

In this Bubble retreat’s first edition, you’ll find inspiration, resources, job opportunities, and life-lasting bonds with like-minded indie makers and no-code lovers.

In addition, the retreat will include everything from masterclasses and tech workshops, to networking meetings and leisure time.

🚀 If you want to join the experience, you can add yourself to their waitlist so they can notify you when the summit launches: cobuildingretreat.com.

#5: Women in Product Conference

Women In Product is a community that seeks to connect women in the Product Management industry through online platforms and in-person events. One of their iconic annual events is the Women in Product Conference, which in 2022 had its 7th edition.

feedback on the women in product no-code conference

🚀 While there’s still no set date for the 2023 conference, the 2022 event was a success, so they’ll probably have the 8th edition next year!

So to keep updated on the latest news, visit the Women in Product website: womenpm.org.

During the 2022 event, and over two days, more than 2,600 professional women came together for the annual Women in Product conference. They offered one-on-one conversations and had women participate in affinity groups, such as the Black Women in Product.

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#6: Webflow Conf

The Webflow Conf is aimed at designers, web devs, solopreneurs, and everyone in between! While there’s still not a set date for the 2023 edition, attendees during last year’s no-code conference learned new Webflow features and sharpened their skills with interactive challenges.

webflow no code conference

This year, the Webflow Conf 2022 will take place November 9–10, 2022 at The Midway in San Francisco, California, and online. In-person tickets for this year’s edition are sold out.

But while we wait for the 2023 announcement, you can save your spot and join the conference online 100% for free through Webflow’s registration page: webflow.com/webflowconf/register.

In these no-code conferences, people also have the opportunity to network with a thriving community of Webflow users with whom they can share expertise, tell stories, and meet fellow entrepreneurs.

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