Top Bootcamps to Launch Your Idea Fast

Enrolling in a no-code bootcamp can help you develop your MVP and quickly ship your idea. Here, we list 10 of the best no-code bootcamps to build and launch your idea in community.

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Enrolling in a no-code bootcamp can help you develop your MVP and quickly ship your idea. But, how to decide where to learn no-code, with so many options available? In today’s post, we gather 10 of the best no-code bootcamps out there for you to learn how to build your business idea and launch fast.

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Best No-Code Bootcamps

No-code tools have increasingly grown in popularity over the last few years. Platforms like Bubble, Unreal Engine, or Airtable allow non-technical founders to quickly and easily create mobile apps and web pages without the need of learning how to code or hire developers. Bootcamps, on the other hand, allow you to quickly build your idea while you learn, so they are a great option to learn no code as an entrepreneur. As a plus, most of these bootcamps have strong communities where no-code developers join to ask for help, give advice, and use feedback to grow their ideas.

Here are 10 of the best no-code bootcamps. Let’s dive right into it!

1. The MVP Bootcamp by No Code MBA

No Code MBA offers this online bootcamp for founders to launch their MVP in 6 weeks. You will attend 2-hour live classes each week, with a time commitment of an additional 4 hours per week for cohort-related work. Additionally, you will meet like-minded peers worldwide from your cohort, and be part of a community of founders even after the bootcamp ends.

Cohort topics:

  • Idea generation and business models
  • Business validation
  • Creating a brand
  • Building and launching

Cost: $750

2. No-Code MVP Bootcamp by 100 Days of No-Code

This cohort it’s composed of a group of 50 entrepreneurs who will learn to create products with no-code tools in 30 days. The 4-week program is completely online and includes 10 live workshops, challenges, one-on-one coaching, fireside chats, office hours, and more. You will also get lifetime access to a content library, 3 months of access to the 100 Days of No Code community, and $6,000 in discounts on no-code tools.

Cohort topics:

  • Introduction to No-Code (Tools: Carrd, Tally, Mailerlite, Notion, Google Sheets, mmm, and Zapier)
  • Websites, Automation & Forms (Tools: Notion, Tally, Zapier, and Google Sheets)
  • Web Apps, Mobile Apps & Databases (Tools: Airtable, Glide, Softr, and Adalo)
  • Plan and Build your Idea
  • Launch & Demo Day

Cost: £500

3. Airdev No-Code Bootcamp

This online program teaches software developers how to build without code. Additionally, throughout the bootcamp, you will build several mini projects to get hands-on practice. Moreover, you can take the bootcamp at your own pace or in a cohort with other peers. This last option enables you to get personalized feedback on your assignments, access to office hours and a Discord server, and a certificate.

Cohort topics:

  • Bubble Fundamentals
  • Bubble Best Practices
  • Canvas
  • APIs (and a little more Canvas)

Cost: Free

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4. Bubble Bootcamps

Bubble, the well-known no-code platform, has several bootcamps listed on its website, all of which will teach you to use Bubble to build or improve your product or startup idea. However, each bootcamp has a different curriculum, modality, and diverse prerequisites. Some are free, while others are paid. The options include learning Bubble with:

  • SaaS Camp
  • Million Labs
  • AZKY Tech Labs
  • Momentum Group
  • NoCode Propulsion
  • Lightning Products

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5. Bubble Bootcamp by NoCodeSpace

This bootcamp focuses specifically on the Bubble platform. However, keep in mind that this 8-week program is in Spanish. It includes live lessons with the possibility to schedule one-on-one calls. Additionally, by joining you will be part of a tight-knit peer study group for accountability and feedback. Overall, the NoCodeSpace community is great to meet new people in the no-code world.

Cohort topics:

  • Bubble Fundamentals
  • Advanced Bubble


  • For Bubble Developers: Two $50 payments and half your salary when you land a job as a Bubble Developer.
  • For founders: $250 and an additional $250 when you succeed in launching your MVP using Bubble.

6. Developers.Institute Bootcamp

This Israeli fully online program teaches non-technical founders to build products and startups without code. You will learn tools like Bubble, Zapier, and Typeform during the course of 12 weeks. Additionally, the program includes weekly readings and discussions on curated articles and videos, as well as lifetime access to the community of like-minded peers to stay accountable in your journey.

Cost: ₪9,950

No Code Founders allows you to stay accountable in a supportive community of founders through a Slack group to receive feedback and advice. Additionally, the community organizes diverse learning and networking events and provides perks and special offers on no-code tools. Lastly, No Code Founders curates a very useful resource database.

7. NoCode Tools Database’s Bootcamps

The NoCode Tools Database is a great resource to find no-code content, jobs, and communities. Indeed, they have a dedicated section for bootcamps with diverse options. Among others, you will find the Bubble bootcamps and the No Code MBA bootcamp, which we’ve already discussed.

Additionally, there are links to Buildcamp and Ottho. Both options are paid and fully online, teaching you how to use Bubble. Ottho also has an Adalo bootcamp, but keep in mind that they offer French-speaking programs only.

8. SuperTech’s No-Code Bootcamp

This 6-week program is fully-funded for professionals located in the Greater Birmingham & Solihull, Coventry & Warwickshire, and Black Country areas. All lessons are online and the course materials are available digitally on the community’s platform. Additionally, by participating you will be invited to the community’s events and Slack group.

Cohort topics:

  • Building a Lean Startup
  • Developing a Bubble Application
  • Winning Your First 100 Customers
  • Raising Investment
  • No Code Bootcamp Pitch Day

Cost: £500 for those outside the mentioned locations.

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9. The Complete ‘No Code’ Developer Course

This 9,5 hours Udemy course will teach you how to build diverse products without coding. Indeed, you will learn through hands-on practice by building 23 projects throughout the length of the course. Furthermore, the course includes lifetime access and a certificate upon completion.

Cohort topics:

  • No-Code Fundamentals
  • Web Scraping – Simple Scraper
  • APIs – Parabola
  • Automations – Zapier
  • Bots – Zapier
  • Data Science – Obviously AI
  • Voice App – Voiceflow
  • Figma Crash Course
  • One-Page Website – Carrd
  • Mobile App – Glide Apps
  • Membership Website – Webflow
  • 3D Game (Basic) – Buildbox

Cost: $14,99

10. No-Code Courses by Zeroqode Lab

Zeroqode has lots of short, self-paced courses that you can complete depending on your needs. Some courses are free while others are paid, and all of them are fully remote. They focus mostly on Bubble, however, there are also tutorials for other tools like Zapier and Typeform.

Courses’ topics:

  • Bubble Fundamentals
  • Building Entire Apps
  • Building Specific Components
  • Crypto
  • Hacks
  • Plugin Tutorials
  • Productivity
  • Template Tutorials

Frequently Asked Questions Related to No-Code Building

No-code is the ability to build mobile apps, games, and web pages without the need of understanding programming languages. Most no-code tools and platforms use drag-and-drop elements and pre-built models, making it accessible for non-technical people to build products and ideas.

However, keep in mind that although the development process is quicker, easier, and usually cheaper, there are differences with building an app from scratch. No-code platforms can’t offer lots of flexibility, so it becomes hard to implement specific fixes. It’s a great option if your idea is simple and doesn’t require lots of specific elements.

No-code is great for founders and entrepreneurs who want to quickly and cost-effectively launch their MVP or business idea. Hiring developers can be very expensive (and the coding process usually takes longer). No-code tools are a quicker, cheaper option.

Additionally, there are developers who also use no-code tools. Learning no-code or low-code skills will certainly enrich your skillset and open you up to new opportunities. You will be able to save lots of time when part of a project can be built with no-code platforms. Moreover, there are a lot of job offers looking for no-code developers or no-code consultants.

No-code platforms allow you to build not only web pages and products, but also mobile apps and even games. Here’s a non-comprehensive list of apps, features, and functionality that are most commonly built with no-code tools:

  • Ecommerce sites
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Marketplaces
  • Directories
  • CRMs
  • Dashboards
  • Messaging apps
  • Social or community sites
  • Project and file management apps
  • Shopping carts and payment systems
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