Zeroqode is a community for people that want to build, launch, and scale their projects without writing a single line of code, using mainly Bubble.

Founded in 2016, it has grown to be an awesome community. Zeroqode has a forum with over 2600 members from all over the world, and from different industries, backgrounds, and companies. A lot of them are founders and bootstrappers looking to speed up the process of building a web or a mobile app, and also looking to do it in the more inexpensive way possible.

The forum is a great place to discuss no-code tools and platforms. Additionally, Zeroqode has online groups both on Slack and on Telegram, to keep you even more connected. Both the forum and the groups are completely free for you to join.

Additionally, if you want to learn about no-code, the Zeroqode Lab has 22 courses (7 of which are free). Some courses last less than an hour, while others add up to 12+ hours. To access all the courses, as well as special deals and an intercom support platform, you have to subscribe to one of the following paid plans:

  • MVP Plan: $49/month (1 premium course per month).
  • IPO Plan: $85/month (unlimited courses).
  • Lifetime Access: $199 (unlimited access to all courses and future content).

Inside Zeroqode Lab, you can access the recorded sessions of the 2021's No-Code Conference, an online conference with 16+ hours of panel discussions with expert speakers from companies like Bubble, Adalo, Typeform, etc.

If you'd like to build your project faster, you can leverage Zeroqode products. They have 126 fully customizable templates, as well as 277 plugins to add even more functionalities to your projects. The price range from $25 for plugins to $299 for templates. All products are Bubble-based.

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  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2016
  • Founders:

    Levon Terteryan & Vlad Larin

  • Amount of members: 2,600
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Join a thriving community of no-coders:
Zeroqode has built an awesome community over the years. Their forum gathers 2600+ users from all over the world, discussing no-code tools and platforms and sorting through challenges together. Additionally, Zeroqode has online groups on Slack and Telegram to keep you connected.

Learn to build web and apps without writing a single line of code:
The Zeroqode Lab is the perfect place to learn about building, launching, and scaling projects with Bubble, even for non-technical people that don't know how to code. Most of the content is paid, but you can access some courses for free (including the recorded sessions of the 2021's No-Code Conference!).

Templates and plugins to help you build faster and inexpensively:
If you wish to save weeks in building your web or app, you can purchase Zeroqode products. They have templates and plugins ready to use and are as customizable as they could be. Also, the community is always there if you have problems!



No requirements.


Learning Events

Zeroqode hosted the 2021's No-Code Conference, you can watch the replay if you sign up for one of the Zeroqode Lab plans. In this online conference, there were 16+ hours of expert discussions. You can listen to speakers from Bubble, Adalo, Typeform, among other big names in the no-code industry.

The conference covered topics like business automation, marketing, and scaling a startup. Attendants learned all about new no-code tools to speed up and improve their current and future projects. It lasted two full days full of Q&A sessions, demos, and networking opportunities.

Networking Events

The Zeroqode community has several channels to network and interact with other members. The biggest one is their forum, where you can join 2600+ users who gather to discuss no-code platforms, plugins, templates, and workflows.

Additionally, you can join other online groups in Slack or Telegram. All online groups are completely free.

Inside the Slack group, there are specific sections that allow you to get to know other members. The #random channel it's used to talk about non-work-related things, developing a tight-knit community where people know each other on a more deep, personal level.

The Zeroqode community involves diverse people from all over the world, from different industries and backgrounds, and from companies of all sizes and stages of growth. You can leverage the community to expand your professional network and to meet like-minded people with shared interests.

Additionally, you can find your next career opportunity as a no-code expert by browsing through available jobs on Zeroqode's job board.

Content Library

You can find a lot of resources in Zeroqode to help you build your project using no-code methods. Though you can sign up for free and get access to some free content, the majority of resources are only available by subscribing to a plan or by paying for individual products. One source of free content is Zeroqode's blog and newsletter.

On Zeroqode Lab, you can access 22 courses, 7 of which are free. The lifetime plan costs $199 and it gives you lifetime access to all existing and future content from Zeroqode.

On the other hand, Zeroqode has 126 no-code templates and 277 plugins, resources that can help you to build your projects faster and inexpensively. All products use Bubble as the platform to develop your web and mobile applications. Every product has an individual cost, ranging from $25 for plugins to $299 for templates.

Additionally, Zeroqode built a huge gallery of ready-made API tools for Postman. You can import the collections with a single click.

Lastly, on the Zeroqode YouTube channel, you can access several expert talks and panel discussions with no-code leaders. These videos will help you to learn more about the no-code world and the tools you have available nowadays to build and launch your own web and mobile applications without writing a single line of code.


Zeroqode Lab has several courses (22, to be exact) on categories like productivity, building entire apps, hacks, template tutorials, and building specific app components. Some courses last less than 1 hour, while others last up to 12 hours.

Additionally, you can find the recorded sessions of the 2021's No-Code Conference through Zeroqode Lab.

7 of the courses are completely free. However, if you'd like to get unlimited access to Zeroqode content, you must subscribe to a paid plan. The MVP Plan ($49/month) gives you access to 1 premium course per month, while the IPO Plan ($85/month) and the Lifetime Access Plan ($199) give you access to unlimited courses.

Benefits with other companies

By subscribing to a Zeroqode Lab plan, you get access to special deals. On the one hand, you get 20% off on any templates from Zeroqode.

Additionally, you can obtain $5000 of credits on AWS, a $1000 credit on Airtable, and 12-months free on Sendgrid.


"Zeroqode is great for prototyping experiments and proofs of concept. You can have a working app in a few days instead of weeks. You can save time and money." -Igor Putina

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