100 Days of No Code is a global collective of no-coder entrepreneurs. It's a safe space to engage and learn the basics for setting up your projects.

The community exists to facilitate tools and resources for entrepreneurs. It's in a supportive environment where collaboration and honest feedback are the most solid values.

Premium members meet in Slack channels, access exclusive courses, workshops, 1-1 conversations, masterminds, and tool discounts.

You can join for free and participate in weekly newsletters and demo days. But if you want to actively participate in the community and engage in private Slack channels, you should purchase a monthly subscription starting at £5. You can also choose a yearly subscription for accessing exclusive discounts.

They organize a 100 days challenge to involve participants in no code habits and cultivate new skills within 30 minutes. With more than 497 entrepreneurs who have built their creations, the community offers a nurturing space to share your triumphs and challenges with makers from all over the world.


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No Code community:
With a premium membership, you'll access Slack channels and engage in a supportive community where no experience is required to boost your skills. Members also join in weekly mastermind groups and virtual coffees to discuss new strategies and ask for feedback.

Learning to build:
You'll have access to courses and labs for setting up your project without being an expert. Work along with your peers for finding creative solutions to common startups challenges. Members are working on marketplaces, mobile apps, SAAS, Communities, e-products, and directories without getting deeper into technicalities.

Tools and discounts:
Access to £1500+ in no-code tools discounts and discover how to use them in the learning lab.


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If you join as a free member, you can subscribe to the newsletter and participate in demo days.


No requirements.



Members meet in virtual events and weekly masterminds to take advantage of the community wisdom and encourage each other to keep up with the 100 days challenge. Receive feedback and get inspired by success stories coming from like-minded entrepreneurs.

Learning Events

The community offers weekly workshops, member-led events, learning labs, and courses for beginners to learn everything you need for putting your ideas into action. Soft launch your ideas participating in demo days, receive feedback, and improve your products.

Networking Events

Join a private Slack channel and participate in 1-1 virtual coffees to share your discoveries with the community and stay updated on other members' projects.

Content Library

You can visit the no code projects section to find out what the members are building and find inspiration to implement your ideas. There's also a tools section where you can search by category and find guides to use those tools within your projects.


Premium members have access to a no-code beginner's course to learn how to start their projects using a proven methodology. You'll discover the basics for setting up your projects and avoid the most common mistakes. Learn from those who have already been there and save valuable time. If you're not a member, you can purchase the course separately.

Benefits with other companies

With premium membership, you'll have access to £1500+ discounts in no-code tools.


"Day 90 of #100DaysOfNoCode Do something for yourself 100 days in a row and see what happens. I can not believe where this challenge has taken me as an entrepreneur. Thanks @HainingMax for your vision in this community. I may steal the 100 day idea for other areas in my life" -Ryan English


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