Buildcamp is a community of no-coders working together to create amazing products. Discover people going through the same challenges that you're facing and learn in an interactive platform.

Join them for free to be part of a like-minded group of peers seeking to build amazing products in a collaborative space.

With tutorials and mini-courses, the community members learn how to build apps using Bubble and more top tools.

The platform has a dedicated section for peer engagement. You can ask for support and receive feedback for product launching. They encourage building in public as a way of enriching your learning experience, hosting a special channel for sharing your progress.

If you'd like to advance in peer-building, join a 6-week Bootcamp to learn in expert-led sessions and access exclusive resources.

Although you can join for free, there's a membership option to unlock more platform features. You can subscribe by paying a $29.99 monthly fee and access to exclusive deals and mini-courses.


  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2020
  • Founders:

    Gregory John, James More

  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Apply for no-code jobs:
Within the jobs section, you'll find opportunities to implement what you learned in Buildcamp and make money from your skills.

From technical help to mentorship sessions, you can help creators to materialize their ideas using your experience.

Manage your projects:
The platform offers a space for creating new projects and track your progress. Share your achievements with the community and celebrate your fellows' success.

Connect with no-coders:
Within the members' section, you'll find a directory of fellow founders to connect and discover new products. Contact them through direct message and create new co-founding opportunities.

Build in a tech community:
Engage in the Buildcamp community to keep learning how to develop Bubble projects and ask for help. They encourage its members to build in public to gain support and feedback for product launching.

You can participate in tech talks and open your discussions to cover any topic of interest.

Participate in Bootcamps:
Build your ideas surrounded by experts and fellow creators. Make product launch simple by asking for honest feedback and learning from your group.

With cohorts, expert-led sessions, and exclusive resources, members learn how to develop their products successfully.

  • Monthly Cost

Included in Free Version

Participate in the community, follow tutorials, manage your projects and apply for jobs. Mini-courses and template discounts are available only for paid members.


No requirements.


Learning Events

Join a 6-week Bootcamp to build your Bubble projects with other no-code founders. Find creative solutions to your challenges and learn with exclusive resources.

Every Bootcamp includes expert-led sessions, a private cohort, resources, guides, and three months of premium membership.

Pricing starts at $400 and varies according to the program and number of sessions.

Networking Events

Join a community of makers in the Buildcamp platform. With a dedicated section for engagement, members gain access to support and guidance from fellow founders.

The member's section shows a directory of no-coders and allows direct messaging to contact them. From Bubble's CEOs to platform builders, you'll discover like-minded people to engage in a professional space.

Content Library

Follow the step-by-step tutorials to learn the basics of no-code online tools like Bubble. Discover the fundamentals to build your next web or app without writing a single line of code.

Find meticulously crafted templates to use in your Bubble projects. As a subscriber, you'll have access to premium resources with 30% off.

Get to know other creators in the member's section. You'll find a directory of the group of Buildcamp members to ask for services and discover new products.


The platform offers mini-courses where you'll learn how to develop projects like messaging platforms, payment integration, or referral systems. Learn how to implement the most required features to take your apps to the next level.

Benefits with other companies

Paid members have 30% off in Bubble's premium templates.

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