Create a Poll in Slack With Simple Poll

Let's add some polls to that Slack group! Here's a step-by-step guide on how to add a Simple Poll in Slack.

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Polls are a great way to boost community engagement, and Slack is a great place to do it. They add a bit of fun to your server and allow users to vote for their favorite feature, item, or whatever you ask them.

Surveys will help you decide on a meeting date and time, gather feedback from your coworkers, and get a pulse on how your team is feeling, among many other things!

In a previous post, we show you how to make a poll on Discord, but today we are going to learn how to create a poll with Simple Poll and Polly on Slack. Let’s get into the tutorial!

How Can You Add a Poll to Slack?

Adding a poll to Slack is easy. Firstly, you can create a poll channel that might be dedicated only to polls. To create a new channel, click on the “Add Channel” button and create a channel called e.g. #polls-and-questions.

Once you’ve created your new channel, search for a poll creation website, such as Simple Poll or Polly, and add them to your Slack group. Lastly, share your poll on your Slack channel and tag @everyone in your message.

#1: Simple Poll

Simple Poll is a web-based poll builder that allows community builders, managers, and entrepreneurs to create native polls within Slack in seconds, without having to leave Slack. You only have to go to and click on “Add to Slack”. Once your poll has been created, a link will be automatically added to the message thread where you can view the results as they come in.

#2: Polly

With Polly, you can create polls directly within Slack and have them appear as native messages. This allows users to participate by clicking on the poll or using slash commands such as /poll or /polly. The results are also displayed in Slack so everyone can see them immediately when they open their app.

Polly also offers users plenty of templates to start with! These include Engagement, Follow-up, and Meeting Feedback survey templates.

How to Add a Poll in Slack With Simple Poll

Polls can help you boost engagement in your online group and collect valuable information from your audience. You can use polls to ask for people’s opinions, preferences, or experiences.

Also, you’ll learn more about your community and they are really simple to set up! So what are you waiting for? Let’s add some polls to that Slack group! Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to add a Simple Poll in Slack 👇

#1: Get the Simple Poll App

Click on the “Apps” section that’s in the sidebar of the Slack web application. Once there, you’ll find the Simple Poll application available for download. Once installed, it will be available in the sidebar menu so you can start using their polls and surveys.

simple poll at slack

#2: Add Simple Poll to a Channel

To be able to send polls and surveys to a private channel you must first invite Simple Poll. To add the app to a private channel, you must send the message [ /invite @Simple Poll ].

#3: Choose a Template Poll

Once in the app, Simple Poll offers users plenty of poll templates. You can edit these templates and preview the chosen poll before posting it in a channel. If you don’t want to use a template, Simple Poll also has a Quick Menu with some options that will help you create a poll in no time.

template polls

#4: Create a Poll

Once you click on a Template or on the “Create a Poll” button, a new menu will open where you’ll have to fill out all the info regarding your poll.

You’ll have to choose a poll type (Poll, Quick survey, or Brainstorm), select the channel where you’ll want to post the poll, add the question or topic, select how you want people to respond, and choose the options.

Then you’ll have the option of making responses anonymous or allowing other users to add options. You also have the option to schedule the poll for later.

create a poll

#5: Send the Poll & Wait for the Answers!

Before sending the poll to a channel, you’ll have the chance to see a preview of how other users will see your poll or survey. If you like what you see, just click on “Create Poll” to send it to the respective channel.

Can You Do an Anonymous Poll?

When creating a poll with the Simple Poll app, you have the option of making responses anonymous. So if, for example, you want to share a poll to get a pulse on how your team is feeling, you can use an anonymous poll to gather an honest response from your employees.

with simple poll you can do an anonymous poll on slack

Polls will help you make decisions as a team, bring your remote team together, determine your product roadmap, and much more!

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