A Better Lemonade Stand is a website for eCommerce entrepreneurs. It has a Facebook group where 54,900+ members discuss eCommerce and digital marketing.

You can join the online group for free and start interacting with other members. The Facebook group makes it easy to build a support network of fellow entrepreneurs who can help you with the challenges you encounter as you grow. On the other hand, you can also contribute by sharing your knowledge and insights with others.

The Facebook group is called Ecommmerce Entrepreneurs. Inside, you can meet like-minded eCommerce store owners. It's a great networking opportunity that can provide you with valuable advice and useful resources.

Additionally, you can further deepen your knowledge of eCommerce with the community's educational content. On the one hand, you can subscribe to the newsletter and read the blog. But moreover, you will find video training, guides, PDFs, personalized tools for eCommerce entrepreneurs, and products to streamline your journey to success.

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  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2013
  • Founders:

    Richard Lazazzera

  • Amount of members: 54,900
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Join a global community of eCommerce Entrepreneurs:
A Better Lemonade Stand's Facebook group has over 54,900 members from all over the world, who gather in the online group to discuss eCommerce. You can join for free and meet thousands of like-minded entrepreneurs.

Share, learn, and grow:
The online group makes it easy for you to build a peer support network to consult every time you need to get unstuck. Additionally, you can contribute to others by sharing your own tips and insights. To constantly bounce off ideas with other eCommerce entrepreneurs can do wonders for your online store growth.

Get educational content for free:
On A Better Lemonade Stand's website, you can find lots of resources to further deepen your knowledge about eCommerce, as well as some products to streamline your journey to success.



To join the online Facebook group, you need a password. It's easy and free to obtain the password, you only need to read and accept the rules on the A Better Lemonade Stand website.


Networking Events

Members of A Better Lemonade Stand connect and interact in a Facebook group called Ecommerce Entrepreneurs. The online group has over 54,900 members from all over the world, who gather to discuss eCommerce. It's a great place to meet like-minded entrepreneurs, who are also trying to grow and scale their businesses.

It's free to join, and you will be able to ask questions and get quick answers with tips or suggestions to get unstuck and grow. On the other hand, you can contribute to the community by sharing your knowledge and insights, helping others thrive in eCommerce.

Content Library

A Better Lemonade Stand has a growing list of resources that will help you build, launch, and scale your eCommerce store. On the one hand, you can subscribe to the community's newsletter and read their blog. But you can also enjoy video training, guides, PDFs, and personalized tools for eCommerce store owners.

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