Acquired is a free podcast with a Slack group that features success stories from CEOs and founders of top technology companies worldwide.

Each podcast episode features a different expert who shares their journey with the audience. The Acquired podcast episodes last between one and one and a half hours. The idea is to interview the expert (who sometimes offers a masterclass) to analyze what made great acquisitions successful. You can subscribe for free to receive the last episodes directly to your inbox.

Additionally, the community has a Slack group that allows members to chat in real-time with others.  You can also become a limited partner with the LP Program to get additional perks. The membership costs $10 a month or $100 a year. It gives you 2 weeks of early access to all podcast episodes, exclusive access to the community's book club, and Zoom calls with founders and industry experts.


  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2015
  • Founders:

    Ben Gilbert and David Rosenthal

  • Amount of members: 12,600
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Learn while listening:
All podcast episodes feature interviews or masterclasses with CEOs and founders from top technology companies, for you to listen to at your convenience.

Receive guidance:
If you opt for the pro version, you can participate in exclusive Zoom calls with founders and other experts. This way, you can get expert support and useful advice to grow your business.

Connect with other entrepreneurs:
The Acquired Slack group is full of like-minded entrepreneurs from all over the world. You can join this group for free to enjoy lively discussions and learn new strategies.


No requirements.


Learning Events

Members who become limited partners have the possibility to attend exclusive Zoom calls. These are hosted by Ben and David (Acquired founders) as well as other founders, investors, and experts. On the other hand, the membership allows you access to a private book club. Meetings of the book club are great to keep you accountable for your reading schedule and be constantly learning.

Networking Events

Members of Acquired Podcast connect through a Slack group. It's free to access and it has different channels to interact with fellow entrepreneurs and like-minded peers. Some of the discussions that emerge in this group are used as the basis for discussions in Zoom calls. These calls also offer a space for getting to know founders and investors.

Content Library

The Acquired podcast offers 11 seasons with podcast episodes on how to grow your business. You can go to the "Episodes" section to explore all past episodes. There are other videos that aren't part of a season: they are generally interviews with experts on a specific topic.

On the other hand, members who pay the pro membership access the "Acquired Book Club". It includes an exclusive library of resources and materials. Moreover, it contains all the recordings from previous Zoom calls.


"I found a really interesting new podcast for the first time in a while: @AcquiredFM. They tell the story of a business in a way that teaches you a ton about the landscape around it." -Patrick OShaughnessy

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