AfriSplash Remotely is a virtual community for freelancers and remote workers from Africa. Its mission is to promote diversity in the remote workforce.

The community members mainly interact on a Slack group, where they share valuable resources and insights to help everyone thrive and navigate the uncertain world of remote working. The online group is completely free to join.

Occasionally, the community hosts virtual, live events with industry leaders and experienced people with years of working as freelancers.

Besides getting tools, resources, and a supportive community of remote workers that will keep you accountable, AfriSplash remotely is also a great place to network. They have a talent-matching system that connects recruiters and companies with people that composes the community's talent pool.

Once you are in the Slack group, you can participate in this talent pool. You can later be matched with companies looking to hire someone with a similar profile to yours. Or you can also browse their job board to find your next career opportunity.

Additionally, and if you want personalized help, you can access mentorship opportunities. The community has diverse mentors that offer group or one-on-one sessions. Mentors will help you with specific challenges you may be encountering when choosing to work remotely, giving you solutions specifically tailored to your situation.

Lastly, you can find valuable resources on AfriSplash Remotely's blog and tool library for remote workers.

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  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2020
  • Founders:

    Godspower Eseurhobo Ogaga

  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Get remote working tips and tricks:
AfriSplash Remotely's online group is a place where members regularly share tools, software, and multimedia resources. This content will help you thrive in the remote working world. Besides, the supportive people in the group will keep you accountable and help you achieve your goals.

Be the change:
The community's mission is to promote diversity in the remote workspace. They do this by building a talent pool of freelancers and remote workers from Africa. Companies looking to hire can later be matched with someone in the talent pool. By being part of the community, you help to make remote workers from Africa visible!

Find your next career opportunity:
AfriSplash Remotely has a job board that you can browse to find your next career opportunity. Additionally, by being part of their talent pool, you can be matched with companies looking to hire similar profiles to yours!



To be a freelancer or remote worker from Africa. The community is inclusive and supports several ethnicities and diverse career backgrounds from different parts of the continent.


Learning Events

The community occasionally hosts live events such as webinars and AMAs with industry leaders and expert talents. All events are free and virtual. They are announced in the online group, or you can also subscribe to get notified of upcoming events.

On the other hand, you can book a one-on-one or a group mentorship session. AfriSplash's mentors are experienced professionals with years of working remotely. They can help you reach new career milestones and navigate the uncertain world of freelancing.

Networking Events

AfriSplash's members interact on a Slack group, where they make friends and meet like-minded people every day. Inside, members share tips and resources, while giving feedback and advice to other members. It's a perfect place to learn the art of working remotely with a supportive community that will keep you accountable.

Furthermore, by being part of AfriSplash's talent pool, you will be able to network with startups and recruiters from top companies looking to hire. This allows you to expand your professional network and find new career opportunities.

Content Library

AfriSplash community has a resource on their website full of tools for remote workers. You can also access some valuable resources inside the Slack group, where members regularly share tools, software, articles, and videos they are finding useful.


"Afrisplash Remotely is a great community, the team is super fantastic and helped me to find the best talent matching our expectations. We would love to keep engaging with the team and contribute as much as we can to grow this community." -Ujjwal Singh

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