AI Inclusive is a community with the mission of building an inclusive workspace in the Artificial Intelligence ecosystem. With several chapters around the world, they empower women and gender minorities to start a career in AI.

They host events, tutorials, workshops, and discussions to fight against gender disparity in the tech industry. Moreover, the community partner with companies to offer scholarships, bootcamps, and courses.

You can join for free to participate in global and local chapters. To become a member, you first need to fill an application form including your professional information.

Once you be accepted, there are many in-person events for members to connect in enriching experiences.

Join to stay close to like-minded professionals near you and explore new resources to build a career.

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Join a community for AI professionals:
Seeking to increase the participation of underrepresented individuals, the AI Inclusive community provides spaces to learn, grow, and network. As a member, you can participate in local and global activities and explore new collaboration opportunities.

Attend local and online events:
You can join a chapter near you, or participate in the virtual global chapter. During chapters gatherings, members explore new strategies, refine their skills, and learn with expert-led talks. Besides, these are excellent opportunities to work on your portfolio through hands-on projects.


You need to fill an application form and come from an underrepresented group to join.


Learning Events

Each chapter organizes events, workshops, and activities to gather local professionals. During these meetings, you'll have the chance to learn along with experts and connect with peers near you.

Besides, they provide several opportunities to uplevel your skills with learning resources and hands-on challenges. But also, they have partnerships with companies to host bootcamps, courses, and conferences.

Networking Events

They have local chapters where members gather to connect, learn, and share during in-person and virtual events. As an attendee, you can leverage these spaces to meet new professionals working in AI and expand your network.


The AI Inclusive community empowers gender minority groups with local connections, learning resources, and support. It's completely free and has a global reach. Furthermore, they offer scholarships through partnerships with top companies.

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