Binance Community gathers users from Binance, the well-known crypto exchange, both online and in-person to learn and discuss crypto.

Members of the Binance Community are commonly Binance users. This crypto exchange offers a secure crypto wallet you can use to buy, hold, or sell crypto and NFTs.

The community is a great place for learning, no matter your level of experience regarding crypto. The Binance Community offers a huge crypto encyclopedia. Additionally, since Binance is a large organization that focuses heavily on research, members also have access to institutional reports and useful analyses. If you are a crypto expert you can become a Binance Angel and lead the crypto conversation, share local insights and trends, organize online and offline events, and more.

Additionally, through Binance Labs, the community invests in startups that are helping to build the decentralized web. Another project promoted by the community is Binance's Token Launch Platform. It is a space for entrepreneurs who are willing to develop crypto projects in real life. The program helps and advises project teams on how to best issue and launch their token.

Lastly, the community interacts through a Discord server and 60+ Telegram groups in different languages. All online groups focus on different but related topics, ranging from crypto to NFTs. You can join these groups not only to learn by leveraging others' experiences and insights but also to meet like-minded people.

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  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2017
  • Founders:

    Changpeng Zhao

  • Amount of members: 75,900
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: In Person, Virtual


Exchange crypto:
Binance is one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world. The platform offer individual wallets to Binance users, which are completely secure for all transfers. You can buy, sell, and hold crypto and NFTs through the platform.

Launch a project:
The community supports founders and their startups when launching DAOs or new tokens. You can receive guidance and support for your project both through Binance Labs or in Binance's Token Launch Platform.

Find a space for learning:
The crypto encyclopedia and the research papers are useful tools to expand your knowledge. Overall, the Binance Community is awesome to learn no matter your level of experience in crypto.

Join a multilingual community:
With more than 40 multilingual groups on Telegram, language will not be a barrier to joining this community. You can also participate in other topic-based Telegram groups or in the Discord server to bounce off ideas and strategies with like-minded people.


No requirements.


Networking Events

Members of the Binance Community interact through in-person events (held in major cities around the world) and virtual platforms. Discord is the main online group for interaction among Binance users from all over the world. The server is a space for members to chat in real-time and for the community to share important announcements.

Also, the Binance Community has over 60 Telegram groups. These are topic-based and range from announcements to crypto and NFTs. 40 of those groups are multilingual, so language shouldn't be a barrier to joining this community.

On the other hand, the community hosts in-person meetups and events. These are held in different cities, such as Dubai, Kyiv, and Uruguay. The idea is to open spaces for members to get in touch with founders, investors, and other crypto enthusiasts and professionals. Sometimes, they also invite special guests to talk about specific topics.

Content Library

The community offers a crypto encyclopedia with useful resources to learn about crypto. You can discover new strategies to know how and when to invest. On the other hand, the community's online groups are another place to find relevant resources shared by members, such as links, videos, tutorials, and more. Last but not least, you can read research analyses and comprehensive reports. These pieces of research led by Binance address the latest insights on cryptocurrency.


Binance Community donates money to fight inequity. Up until now, the community has helped roughly 2 million people through 5000+ donations.


"The Binance community inspires us every day. It is the innovation engine of Binance that helps, and motivates us to achieve even higher goals. The Binance community is the most knowledgeable crypto community in the world. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than meeting and speaking to our community members, both online and in person. Thank you for your ongoing help and support." -CZ

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