Black Connect is a free community for black entrepreneurs that offers the necessary knowledge and network to successfully build and grow a business.

It's free to become a Black Connect member and access the community's social network and business tools. However, there are several membership tiers that allow you to get the full Black Connect experience. The most popular membership level is the Entrepreneur/Sole Proprietor, which costs $80 per year. You can explore all membership levels by visiting Black Connect's Membership Packages page.

This community has many local chapters across the United States. Each local chapter organizes its own events and activities for members. Besides the local chapters, you can also interact with others in the community's online business forum. These networking opportunities are great to build your professional network, ask questions, request advice, and meeting like-minded business owners.

Additionally, members can access several mentorship opportunities that help them to overcome different roadblocks preventing growth in their businesses. On the other hand, you can also access other useful services for small businesses. Black Connect offers both free legal assistance and public relations services.

Moreover, Black Connect also helps people to get the necessary funding for further growth in their businesses. With their crowdfunding, order fulfillment funding, and FeverPitch programs, they are helping to close the gap that prevents black-owned businesses thrive.

Also, the community offers several tools such as a Social e-Commerce platform (where you can sell your products) and a job board to find new career opportunities. On the other hand, members can access the Learning Center to get educational content that helps them build and grow their businesses.

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Get business support and advice:
Black Connect offers a wide range of benefits for small business owners. As a member, you can access different mentorship programs, pro bono legal assistance, and public relations services, as well as peer support in the online forum.

Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs:
The community's local chapters and virtual events allow you to build your professional network and learn with others. Additionally, by participating in the business forum you will also meet like-minded peers to bounce off ideas and share knowledge.

Access a full suite of tools to grow your business:
Black Connect offers its members many tools and resources. Among those, you can find news, press releases, articles, podcast episodes, guides, templates, toolkits, and more. The platform contains all the information you need to successfully create and grow a business.


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Black Connect hosts several local chapters across the United States. You can join your nearest local chapter to participate in regular meetings and expand your professional network. Keep in mind that each local chapter organizes its own activities and other events.

Learning Events

Black Connect organizes many national events but also each local chapter organizes its own activities. You can see all past and upcoming events in Black Connect's events section. You can also participate in the national or local membership, marketing, or podcast committee and build your skills while making new connections.

The community also hosts different contests, such as the annual Design competition. These types of activities allow you not only to sharpen your skills but also to put yourself out there.

On the other hand, the community offers two mentorship programs. You can access one-on-one mentorship as well as group mentorship opportunities to learn from seasoned business professionals and entrepreneurs. Black Connect's mentorship programs allow small businesses and entrepreneurs to grow and thrive. Additionally, there is the opportunity to become a volunteer mentor if you have the necessary experience.

Keep in mind that members can also apply to participate in Salesforce Trailblazer Mentorship. This includes a monthly virtual meeting in a roundtable discussion with up to 30 Salesforce employees who specialize in different areas (such as marketing, finance, production, manufacturing, sales, and technology).

Another valuable feature of the Black Connect community is that it offers pro bono legal assistance, provided by volunteers. Different attorneys across the United States provide business-related legal advice for free through this program, for members of Black Connect.

Networking Events

Members of Black Connect usually interact through an online business forum. This forum's an awesome space to freely discuss business and entrepreneurship topics. Members use the forum to ask questions, request advice, and share knowledge with others.

Black Connect offers many networking opportunities that members can take advantage of to expand their professional network and find new, valuable connections. For example, you can join the TeamBuilding program, which allows entrepreneurs and founders to find qualified professionals willing to join their businesses or start-ups in exchange for equity or other alternative compensation structures.

On the one hand, you can explore the Business Directory or the Membership Directory to find other Black Connect members. It's easy to search through the directories to find individuals who run a similar business or have similar expertise. This way, you can connect with like-minded people and create new collaboration opportunities.

On the other hand, if you work as a freelancer you can create your own freelancer profile via FreelanceMe. This feature allows you to get yourself out there and promote your services to the huge Black Connect community.

Black Connect also offers a job board that allows you to search through different job postings to find your next career opportunity. You can also post a job if you are looking for fresh talent for your company or small business.

Lastly, the community offers a public relations support service. This enables members to promote their businesses to a huge network, generating new leads and sales.

Content Library

Black Connect offers many resources for small business owners and entrepreneurs. By becoming a member, you can access not only articles, news, and press releases, but also many tools to make managing your business easier. For example, they have a "Digital Courses" section where you can find all the tools you need to create, promote, and sell online courses.

The community's learning center makes it easy for members to get access to all the information, guides, templates, toolkits, and documents they need to successfully manage and grow their businesses. Additionally, you can listen to the Black Connect podcast, which features thought leaders in the entrepreneurship community, who share advice and experiences.

There are also other tools, such as polls, quizzes, and a photo gallery that allow you to interact and have fun with other Black Connect members.

Benefits with other companies

By opening a NorthOne account you get $50 cashback on your Black Connect membership. Additionally, you can enjoy 3 months of free premium access to LivePlan, a business planning software. There are many other perks such as coupons and special discounts, only available for Black Connect members.


Black Connect is invested in closing the gap in the business and entrepreneurship world, allowing more black people to get access to it.

Crowdfunding and other funding initiatives provide black business owners with access to capital, while Black Connect's mentorship programs, public relations services, pro bono legal advice, tools, and community provides the connections and the knowledge needed to successfully create and grow a business.


Many entrepreneurs post stories of their success and this is inspiring. Also, it is a support group for those young business owners who are looking for advice and networking contacts.” -Thomas Hong

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