Black Girls in Real Estate is a free community that gathers black women from all over the world to learn how to build wealth by investing in real estate.

The community has a Facebook group that is completely free to join. Inside, you will find over 83,300 black women worldwide discussing real estate investing topics. The group is useful to share knowledge, meeting like-minded people, asking questions, and requesting advice.

On the other hand, the community also offers a VIP membership option that costs $42/per month. It includes an online course, masterclasses, weekly coaching classes, and several useful resources. Moreover, VIP members get access to a member-only, private network and mobile app to interact with other VIP members.

Additionally, you can check out the community's website to find valuable learning resources to buy. Among them, there are masterclasses, workshops, conferences and other events, and eBooks.

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  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2019
  • Founders:

    Jeanine Smith

  • Amount of members: 83,300
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Find like-minded women to connect with:
The Black Girls in Real Estate community is the perfect place to find black women who are investing in real estate or looking to learn how to do it. The Facebook group will allow you to connect and interact with them.

Become a VIP member:
VIP members of the Black Girls in Real Estate community get access to masterclasses, discounted workshops and events, resources, a course, and a private, member-only network and mobile app to interact with other VIP members.

Buy valuable knowledge:
On the community's website, you will find several products to increase your real estate knowledge. Among them, you can find masterclasses, eBooks, coaching classes, and events.


No requirements.


Learning Events

The community offers paid masterclasses, workshops, and an annual conference. Additionally, members of the VIP membership get access to monthly masterclasses taught by top business coaches in the industry, private weekly coaching classes, and discounts on workshops.

Networking Events

You can interact with other members of the community for free inside the Facebook group. This is the ideal place to connect with other black women investing in real estate or looking to learn about it. On the other hand, the VIP membership allows you to get access to a member-only, private network and mobile app.

Content Library

Besides buying several eBooks, you can also become a VIP member. They get access to workbooks and templates, besides eBooks.


VIP members of the community get access to an online course. Its curriculum includes:

  • Business Foundations
  • Protecting your Brand
  • Real Estate Agent 101
  • Wholesaling
  • Tax Liens and Investing
  • Commercial
  • Fix and Flip


"Everyone I speak to in my day-to-day life knows about Jeanine Smith and Black Girls in Real Estate! This group is such an inspiration to me!" -Angela N.

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