Black Men Talk Tech is a community for black male founders in tech, that promotes collaborative learning and networking opportunities.

This community helps underrepresented minorities in tech and business, such as black founders, to make their startups thrive. Among other things, it allows founders to collaborate with investors and other entrepreneurs to expand their businesses.

It all started with a talk and that is why this is the central pillar of the community. Black Men Talk Tech hosts annual conferences that address relevant topics for members. These include bootstrapping, obtaining funds, and founder-friendly investing, among others. They invite many guest speakers, founders, and other experts who share their experiences and give advice.

There are also workshops, which aim to connect founders around the world so they can learn together and leverage each other's experiences. Lastly, Black Men Talk Tech allows you to keep in contact with people you meet at conferences and workshops through the community's online forum. This safe, inclusive space is where members go to ask questions, receive advice, and network with like-minded peers.

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Participate in insightful talks:
Black Men Talk Tech hosts annual conferences. They invite many guest speakers, founders, and other experts. Attendees can network with each other while learning a new topic in business and technology.

Expand your network:
There are plenty of networking opportunities inside Black Men Talk Tech. By attending this community's conferences you will meet other founders and entrepreneurs, make new friends, and bounce off ideas with like-minded peers.

Connect theory and practice:
Black Men Talk Tech's workshops are the perfect scenario to apply what you learn in the conferences. They prompt you to confront contexts and situations that will require specific skills and knowledge to solve real-life challenges.


Members of Black Men Talk Tech identify themselves as black men.


Learning Events

Black Men Talk Tech organizes annual conferences and workshops. All speakers are founders or tech experts who have built great careers or successful businesses. During talks, guest speakers discuss different topics regarding technology and business.

On the other hand, workshops are spaces to interact with peers and practice. They propose real-life scenarios for you to test yourself and develop new problem-solving skills.

Networking Events

Black Men Talk Tech's conferences are the ideal space to meet like-minded peers and expand your professional network. But additionally, you can follow up with the people you met in the community's online forum. This is an ideal space to keep in contact with members during the year until the next event.

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