Bramble is a tool to create virtual spaces for every kind of online social gathering. It has a community on Circle for its users to interact.

The community gives you the chance to showcase your Bramble virtual spaces and receive advice and support during the process. All members collaborate in creating a better product by giving the Bramble team suggestions, feedback, and improvement opportunities.

Additionally, Bramble has interesting resources such as tutorials, how-to posts, and tools. On the other hand, there is a Community Rooftop section. It works 24/7 for members to host events within the community by using a bot, your webcam, and your mic.

Furthermore, Bramble hosts different events. Some of these are for entertainment and networking while others aim to discuss specific topics regarding organizing successful online events. There is a space called "The Future Series" that has key takeaways of past fireside chats, which explore the possibilities and challenges that virtual rooms entail.

Lastly, the "Product Zone" is for members to discuss topics that pertain directly to Bramble. This section is divided into three sections: "What's New" (for new Bramble features), "Give Feedback" (for suggestions to improve Bramble), and "Ask For Help" (where the team and other members can support you when using Bramble).

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Find resources:
The community shares tutorials, how-to posts, and tools to learn about hosting successful virtual events. As a plus, Bramble has an online board you can use 24/7 to host events within the community.

Participate in events:
Bramble hosts different events using its board. Some events are to hang out and have fun while others include discussing specific event planning and organizing topics for successful online events.

Receive feedback:
All community members are able to use this space to ask questions and receive feedback to create better virtual spaces with Bramble. There is a specific section for this purpose called "Ask for Help".


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Learning Events

The community hosts several events such as webinars, workshops, fireside chats, and more. They are held on the community's platform (which works 24/7). You can check both past and upcoming events in the "Events" section.

Networking Events

Members of Bramble interact through a Circle space. There is one section to introduce yourself as a new member. Then, you can go to the "Product Zone". There, you will find three spaces to chat about Bramble: What's New (used to share new Bramble features), Give Feedback (to provide the Bramble team with suggestions to improve), and Ask for Help (to get support with challenges you encounter when using Bramble).

Overall, the Bramble community is a great space to connect with like-minded community builders who are looking for better ways to create successful and engaging virtual events. You can make new friends and bounce off ideas, insights, and strategies and grow together.

Content Library

The community's resources section has diverse, useful tools and information for community builders to organize better virtual events. There are tutorials to train yourself as a speaker, tips/tricks, and how-to posts on hosting virtual events, among other resources. Lastly, there is a list of tools to host thematic events.


"Bramble was a lifesaver in providing a vehicle to support online social gatherings during our event. It’s highly interactive and allowed us to deliver content and fun experiences to our attendees." -Chris Wren

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