Bubble is a very powerful no-code platform with its own online forum, where Bubble users ask questions, request advice, and discuss new platform features.

Bubble allows entrepreneurs and startup founders to build their own apps without engineers and without knowing how to code. It has many integrations with powerful software like Airtable, Figma, and Integromat. Integrations extend Bubble's core functionality with new actions, elements, and API connections. It's completely free to use the platform, however, you have to pay a monthly fee when you decide to launch.

The platform has several educational resources to help users best leverage the no-code tool. On the one hand, Bubble Academy includes a very comprehensive manual to learn to build with Bubble. Additionally, the Academy is full of interactive lessons, videos, and user-generated resources.

Additionally, Bubble offers a pre-accelerator program for early-stage founders. The program, "Immerse", is fully funded and it takes founders through a 10-week roadmap to build their MVPs. Moreover, you can explore paid bootcamps and coaching opportunities if you don't fit the program requirements or want more personalized help.

On the other hand, Bubble has an online forum. Inside the forum, you will find other Bubble users, such as entrepreneurs, founders, designers, and developers. Members use the online forum mostly to ask questions, request advice on a certain aspect of building with Bubble, and discuss new tool features.

Lastly, you can explore Bubble Marketplace to find templates and plugins for your app. The Marketplace also includes a directory of agencies that can build your app in Bubble for you. If you are looking to find jobs and work as a Bubble developer, you can search through job listings in the job board inside the online forum.

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  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2012
  • Founders:

    Josh Haas and Emmanuel Straschnov

  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Connect with the Bubble community:
Bubble's online forum it's a great space to interact with other users of Bubble. Inside, you will find entrepreneurs, startup founders, designers, and developers who are building their own apps with Bubble.

Become a pro building no-code stuff:
The platform offers several educational resources to help users best leverage the tool. On the one hand, the Bubble Academy has lots of free resources. On the other hand, there are also paid bootcamps and coaching opportunities.

Get help when you get stuck:
The community's online forum it's commonly used to ask questions, request advice on something Bubble-related and discuss new features. If you get stuck when building your app, you have the forum's support network to go to!


No requirements.


Learning Events

Bubble offers several educational aids to help its users learn to best leverage the platform. On the one hand, you can explore Bubble's Academy. Inside, you will find a very comprehensive manual about the no-code tool, along with videos, interactive lessons, and user-generated resources. On the other hand, Bubble also offers paid bootcamps for people with different levels of experience using Bubble. Lastly, you can check out the platform's coaching opportunities if you need more personalized help.

Networking Events

Bubble has a big online forum where users of the platform connect and interact. The online forum is used mostly to ask questions, request advice on issues using the Bubble platform, and discuss new features. Additionally, inside the forum, you will find lots of developers talking about APIs, integrations, and plugins. Keep in mind that the online forum has a dedicated category called "Social/Meetups" that allows you to organize meetings and other events with members, both in-person and online. 

Content Library

Besides all content available in Bubble Academy, you can find more resources in the Marketplace, which include templates and plugins to extend the functionality features of what you are building using Bubble. Additionally, you can explore all the integrations the platform offers, with powerful software like Airtable, Figma, and Integromat. There is also a Showcase section, which's like a gallery of other products and startups built with Bubble that can serve as a strong inspiration source. Lastly, keep in mind that the online forum is full of resources and tools shared by members.


The Immerse program is tailored to early-stage founders, and it provides the tools and support they need to build high-fidelity MVPs. This pre-accelerator program is fully-funded and teaches entrepreneurs to build their web apps with Bubble in only 10 weeks.


It's amazing that I'm actually walking away with a complete app and a very supportive community of entrepreneurs. I loved the energy of the group and the organization of the program. And actually receiving what the program claimed to offer was a huge plus for me.” -Harmony

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