+Build your Dream Python Project is a free Discord server for developers to receive help with Phyton and create collaborative projects.

Alexandros' Tuition runs the community, he is an online Python tutor. Inside the Discord server, there are many useful resources such as Syllabus, sites, media, and exercises about Python. The exercises are done weekly and other members provide feedback. It's an awesome opportunity for you to practice your skills and learn more about Phyton.

Members also get a chance to showcase current projects. Each week, members vote and choose the best project, which can help you tremendously with visibility. Also, you can join other developers in creating collaborative projects.

Moreover, the community hosts weekly Coaching Calls. To attend, you need to register previously using the channel #coachingregistration. After the call finishes, members post all content and resources that appeared in the talk by using the #coachinginteraction channel.


  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2021
  • Founders:

    Alexandro's Tuition

  • Amount of members: 4,000
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Receive guidance:
The community hosts weekly coaching calls. These are real-time conversations to help members find the answers to their problems. You will be guided by experts and connect to other developers.

Solve your questions:
The community has a help desk. Members post all Python questions and other questions about programming. Through collaborative work, all members help each other.

Find useful resources:
The community shares different materials for learning about Python. You can find reference books and links to external sites full of helpful resources to boost your learning process.



No requirements.



The community meets weekly in a coaching call. Previous registration is needed, which you can do through the #coaching-registration channel. You can register as a host or as a participant. On the other hand, each call addresses a specific topic for learning Python. There is also a channel where members post the materials and resources used during the call.

Networking Events

Members communicate through the Discord server. There are sections to ask for help, share your project, join the coaching calls, and share resources, among others. Additionally, there is a dedicated channel to recognize members who contribute the most to the community.

Lastly, there are two channels focused on the community itself, where members enjoy more casual discussions. The first is used for #well-being topics while the second is for sharing prayers. The community's owner is the main contributor to the latter, with a daily prayer.

Content Library

The Resources section serves to share and post all content related to Python. It's divided into:

  • Python Syllabus: Syllabus must have a progressive advance.
  • Python Reference: Phyton content and resources.
  • VS Code Reference: Visual Studio content and resources.
  • Helpful Sites: Links to other websites.
  • Helpful Media: Links to external media content (such as YouTube channels, podcasts, and videos).
  • Exercises: Weekly updated.

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