BYVI is a free community that connects founders raising capital for their startups, with investors willing to allocate capital into a specific sector.

To join is completely free and there are no requirements. Once you create your personal profile with information about your startup and your social media links, you will appear in the member directory. If you want, your company can also appear in the members' companies directory, giving you and your business extra exposure.

By being a member of the community you will also have the opportunity to get featured on BYVI's website. The website gathers inspiring stories from founders building and scaling their startups. Don't miss out on this opportunity to spread the word about your work for free!

Additionally, joining the community gives you access to a private Discord server. Inside, members connect and share knowledge. You will meet like-minded entrepreneurs that are raising capital to further grow their businesses. The Discord server is a space that connects founders with investors. Specifically, there are two channels ("investor intros" and "investor contacts") that will help you network with investors looking to allocate their capital in a startup in the same sector as yours.

Furthermore, the online group is a great educational space where you can learn all about raising capital for startups. There are channels on crowdfunding, government grants, fundraising, and legal topics. You even have a dedicated channel to share your pitch deck and get feedback from other members to improve it and get better results.


  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2020
  • Founders:

    Lidia Vijga

  • Amount of members: 28
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Network with a community of founders and entrepreneurs:
BYVI's private Discord server is the perfect place to connect and interact with other founders looking to grow their startups. There are several channels to learn about raising capital, and you can leverage other members' experiences to grow your business faster.

Get your startup featured at BYVI's website:
As a member of the community, you will have the opportunity to be featured on BYVI's website. This website gathers founders' inspiring stories about the ups and downs of growing their startups. Don't miss this opportunity to spread the word about your work!

Find the perfect investor for your business:
The community's purpose is to connect founders raising capital with investors looking to invest in a specific sector. You can achieve this by leveraging the Discord channels "investor intros" and "investor contacts".



No requirements.


Networking Events

BYVI's purpose is to connect founders raising capital with interested investors. They do this on a private Discord server, where there are channels like "investor intros" and "investor contacts". These channels help founders get in touch with investors from different sectors, and find the perfect one for their companies.

There are also other channels to help you educate on all things raising capital, for example: "fundraising", "government grants", and "crowdfunding". The channel "pitch decks" allows you to get feedback on your pitch deck to improve it and get better results.

The Discord server is a great place to connect with other founders in the same situation as you, raising capital for their businesses. These connections will help you leverage other members' experiences and meet like-minded, supportive people.

By being a member of the community, you can also get featured on BYVI's website, where they publish inspiring startup stories. This will help you get your company out there and leverage an easy way to spread the word.

Content Library

The "growth hacks" channel in the Discord server has tons of tips to help you scale your startup. You can also visit BYVI's website to discover inspiring founders' stories and to educate yourself with lessons that other entrepreneurs have shared.

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