CeresDAO is a paid community that focuses on building a new DeFi asset investment model based on DAO governance.

This asset management DAO aims to decentralize governance. Under this path, its objective is to co-create a win-win space. These beliefs pursue the application of new investment protocols.

To reach its goals, the community has a Discord server with different categories. The first one is a "Welcome" space. It has the community's official links and some channels to share everyday news and announcements. Then, you can find the "Community" section with a main chat and channels for giveaways, memes, scam reports, and sharing ideas.

The third section is to ask for and receive ticket support. It includes business proposals, technical support, and token airdrop. The next category opens different spaces for members from all over the world to interact. Being a global community, there are channels for different countries. The last section is "DAO". It's a full on-topic space to share research papers and discuss subtopics such as marketing, operation, brand, strategy, and development.

Meanwhile, on the community's website, you will find a "Learn" space. It has the DAO's documentation and a Medium page. To join, you must mint CES with crypto assets or stablecoins.

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  • Membership: Paid Community
  • Year Founded: 2022
  • Amount of members: 22,800
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Expand your knowledge:
The community has a website and a Discord server to help members gain knowledge. Through the "DAO" and "Learn" sections, you will be able to discover research material.

Access a global community:
Although the main language is English, the Discord server offers a global community space with channels for different countries and languages.

Participate in discussions and activities:
The community has a "DAO" section on Discord with subtopics to discuss. By being a CES holder, you will determine the directions and decisions of Ceres DAO through on-chain proposals and voting.


To join, you must mint CES with crypto assets or stablecoins.


Networking Events

Members of CeresDAO interact through a Discord server. It has some off-topic sections such as the "Welcome" and "Community" spaces. They allow members to communicate freely and share daily news. They can also post memes and participate in giveaways. Apart from the Discord server, members also hang out through a Telegram group.

Content Library

Members can access resources both on the community's website and the Discord server. The first option is located in the "Learn" section which leads members to the community's documentation and a Medium page. Additionally, you can find research reports and a DeFi glossary.

On the Discord server, there is a "DAO" section divided into thematic units. There, you will find research papers and other type of content focused on marketing, strategy, operation, brand, and development.

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