Commit Your Code! is a free Discord server that gathers developers from all over the world for career guidance, support, and advice.

It's completely free to join the community's Discord server. Inside, you will find thousands of developers from all over the world looking to discuss coding and programming topics with peers. It's a great place to connect with like-minded people, expand your professional network, and collaborate with peers.

Besides getting useful support by asking coding questions and discussing other related topics, you can boost your career by participating in this community. Indeed, it has a dedicated channel for members to exchange career advice and tips. Similarly, there is a #job-listings channel for you to find new career opportunities, and also a #resume-feedback channel.

On the other hand, you can explore #meetups to find meetings in your area. There are also invitations to online events for the entire community. Lastly, don't forget to check out the #resources channel to find useful resources members share every day.

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  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2021
  • Founders:

    Danny Thompson

  • Amount of members: 12,100
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Get useful career advice:
Inside the Commit Your Code! Discord server, members exchange useful tips and advice for career guidance. Additionally, you will find a #job-listings channel to find new career opportunities.

Connect with other developers:
Since the community has thousands of members inside Discord, you will be able to find like-minded developers from all over the world, expand your professional network, and collaborate with peers.

Ask questions and get support:
There are several channels inside the Commit Your Code! Discord server for members to ask coding questions and discuss related topics.



No requirements.


Learning Events

Commit Your Code! members participate in several events to further deepen their knowledge. These include interviews with experts, webinars, invitations to third-party events, and more.

Networking Events

Members of Commit Your Code! connect and interact within a Discord server. There are channels to ask coding questions, a forum to get resume feedback, and channels to discuss career advice, hardware, programming, open-source, software development, and more.

Additionally, you can enjoy a #job-listings channel and several off-topic channels to casually interact with others. Lastly, inside #meetups, members share meetings in diverse locations for them to meet and get to know each other.

Content Library

Inside the #resources channel, members are constantly sharing useful resources for different types of developers. Additionally, you can listen to the "Commit Your Code!" podcast to get useful insights and advice.

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