Community Hacked is a free community for community builders within a Slack group that organizes events with experts and peer groups.

It's completely free to participate in Community Hacked, however, the community is invite-only. This means that in order to join, you need to complete an application form and wait to be accepted.

Once you join the community, you will enter a Slack group full of like-minded community builders worldwide. This online group is great to meet other peers, sharing knowledge and advice, and bouncing off ideas.

On the other hand, Community Hacked organizes virtual events, mostly webinars and interviews with experts. These events allow members to stay up-to-date on the community-building space.

Additionally, you can participate in curated peer groups. The peer groups allow members to find solutions to their toughest community-building challenges by collecting the experience of all members of the group.



Learn more about community building:
Community Hacked organizes bi-weekly virtual events (mostly webinars and interviews with experts) that allow you to stay up-to-date with the latest news and trends from the community-building sphere.

Get help and support:
This community is a great space to get help and support from other people who are also building their communities. You can participate in curated peer groups to get solutions for your toughest community-building challenges.

Connect with other community builders:
The Community Hacked Slack group allows you to connect and interact with community builders from all over the world, expanding your professional network and bonding with like-minded peers.


Since Community Hacked is an invite-only community, you need to apply by completing an application form to request access.



Community Hacked organizes bi-weekly virtual events, mostly webinars and interviews with experts, for members to learn more about community building and expand their knowledge.

Learning Events

The community allows members to participate in curated peer groups, which allows you to get solutions to your toughest community-building challenges, as well as help others by sharing your experience.

Networking Events

At Community Hacked, members connect and interact inside a Slack group. Additionally, you can meet and collaborate with other vetted community builders in the community's member platform and events.

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