ContentUK is an online paid community for content marketers based in the United Kingdom. It offers events and a learning hub.

The membership costs £20 a month. It includes access to a group in Slack, events (such as Q&As, workshops, and in-person meetups) resources, and exclusive discounts. You can also opt for the annual membership which costs £199. In case you are part of a team of 3 or more people, make sure you contact the founder to get a discount.

Additionally, ContentUK hosts regular events such as webinars, Q&A sessions, and workshops. Besides these virtual events, you can also attend in-person meetups in the United Kingdom (commonly in London).

In case you cannot attend some virtual event, you can later watch the recording. Indeed, members have access to videos from all past events. These recordings are in the community's learning hub, a growing library full of videos and other resources for content marketers.

This community also has a job board full of UK and remote opportunities. Each job offer will take you to another page with all the details (including how to apply). Moreover, on the website, you can find a UK content salary survey. This will give you information about your worth as a content specialist.

Overall, the ContentUK community is great for content marketers of all experience levels. It will give you access to a network of like-minded people who can provide relevant advice to help you grow in your career.

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  • Membership: Paid Community
  • Year Founded: 2019
  • Founders:

    Christina Pashialis

  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Method: In Person, Virtual


Participate in engaging events:
On the website, you can find a calendar with all upcoming events. These include virtual events such as webinars, workshops, Q&A sessions, and expert office hours, and in-person events such as meetups in the United Kingdom.

Find a job:
Through the job board, you can both post a job offer or apply for a job position. All you need to do is check if you meet the requirements and apply. There are opportunities in the UK, but you can also browse remote positions.

Find like-minded marketers:
Once you become a member, the community gives you access to a group in Slack. Inside, you will meet many other content marketers and maybe make some new friends!


No requirements.



ContentUK hosts in-person meetups in the United Kingdom, usually in London. These meetings are open to anyone working in the content marketing field, so it's not exclusive to members of ContentUK. Indeed, this is a great opportunity to meet other people in your area who are also content marketers.

On the other hand, and if you don't live in the United Kingdom, there are also many virtual meetings, but these are member-exclusive. There are coffee chats (where you are matched with a peer to have a casual discussion) and write-along focus hours. Both meetings are held every fortnight. Lastly, once a month members participate in expert office hours, which are Q&A sessions with content experts.

Learning Events

ContentUK hosts regular learning events. They have different formats depending on the topic. Indeed, there are webinars, workshops, and masterclasses. On the website, you will find an event calendar with all upcoming events.

Networking Events

Members of ContentUK commonly interact through a private group in Slack. This is the place to ask questions, request advice, and share knowledge with like-minded content marketers. If you live in the United Kingdom, another possibility for interaction is through in-person meetups. These meetings are ideal to meet other content marketers in your area.

Content Library

All events hosted by the community are recorded. You can find these videos in the "replays" section. Moreover, the community gives you access to a Learning Hub. This is an ever-growing space where you will find lots of useful resources, such as videos, tools, and guides.

Once you become a member, you get access to a Notion workspace, exclusive to members. Inside, there are templates, a content marketers directory, recommended tools and resources, and a member appreciation leaderboard.

Benefits with other companies

ContentUk offers member-exclusive discounts and deals on things like content marketing tools and landing page audits.


"I am able to connect with like-minded people, ask questions, and learn from others’ experiences. Christina also asked me to present my own webinar – which taught me valuable lessons on public speaking! Anyone who wants to establish themselves in the field of content marketing should definitely sign up!" -Mollie Woolnough-Rai

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