Coworking Online is a virtual, paid community for remote workers from all around the world.

Members interact in an online group with live chat and forum discussions. They meet by video calls almost every day, to work. Over time, you develop deep connections and make friends. Seeing familiar faces every day will help you overcome the isolation that comes with remote work.

Additionally, members enjoy several opportunities to network. For example, "Energy Monday" is a meeting where members share their progress and their goals for the week, a perfect tool for accountability. On the other hand, "Breaking Beers" is a Friday happy hour where members gather to unwind and disconnect from work weeks.

Inside the online group, you can expand not only your friend circle but also your professional network. The community encourages the exchange of professional services and prioritize networking spaces. You can find potential clients, business partners, and even investors in the community.

Furthermore, you can use the community as a learning resource. Their content library is full of past masterclasses and mastermind sessions. You can also explore curated content, in topics like marketing, business, inspiration, and more.

There are group and one-on-one mentorship opportunities. "Open Mastermind" are mastermind groups where members receive education in an open format, where everyone can contribute with their own experiences and insights. If you need personalized help on finances, investments, or legal advice (among other professional services) you can book a one-on-one session with one of the community's professionals.

To enjoy all of these benefits, you must subscribe to Coworking Online membership, which costs $12 per month. Luckily, you can try the membership for free for 14 days before committing to a purchase. There are no requirements to join.

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  • Membership: Paid Community
  • Year Founded: 2020
  • Founders:

    Javier Moral

  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: Spanish
  • Method: Virtual


Join a tight-knit community of remote workers:
Since Coworking Online is a coworking community, members see each other by video call almost every day. This allows the development of deeper relationships among members, resulting in a supportive, tight-knit community.

Find your next professional opportunity:
Inside the online group, you can find not only friends, but also potential clients, business partners, and even investors. The community encourages the exchange of professional services and prioritizes networking spaces.

Learn and get mentorship opportunities:
The community has several resources to learn. From group and one-on-one mentorship classes to curated, relevant content, you have everything you need to expand your knowledge about remote working, marketing, and business in general.

  • Monthly Cost

Included in Free Version

You can try Coworking Online's membership for free for 14 days, to decide whether or not you want to join the community. You can cancel any time.



No requirements.



Coworking Online's members gather every day on virtual, remote video calls. As a member, you are not required to participate in all meetings. But since the community it's a coworking space, you can participate in daily meetings while you work. With time, and as you get to know others, fellow members will become just like regular coworkers, but remote.

Besides regular work-day meetings, members often meet just to network and connect. Two examples of this type of meeting are "Energy Monday"(to set goals and share progress) and "Breaking Beers" (Friday happy-hour).

Learning Events

The community has group and one-on-one learning opportunities. On the one hand, Coworking Online organizes mastermind groups with professionals of diverse industries. Classes are virtual and live. You can later access past, recorded classes through the community's platform.

After the sessions, there are roundtables and virtual networking spaces, to share perspectives and opinions.

On the other hand, you can also access personalized, one-on-one mentorship opportunities, to help you with specific sections of your projects. For example, the community has professionals like accountants, investors, lawyers, among others.

Networking Events

As a member of Coworking Online, you will have access to a private, online chat and forum. It's the perfect place to ask questions and receive feedback on topics related to remote working. The online group also serves as a space to network and meet like-minded people. Inside the group, you will be able to find potential clients, investors, business partners, or just friends.

Furthermore, after the mastermind groups' sessions, members enjoy roundtables and networking spaces. Additionally, the online group encourages networking and the exchange of professional services.

Content Library

Coworking Online has a member-exclusive content library. Among these resources, you can access past masterclasses and past "Open Mastermind" sessions, where members discuss a topic in a roundtable format.

You can also access episodes from "Success Of Failure", where participants share a story of failure that ends in success. Lastly, Coworking Online's content library has a dedicated section for curated content on marketing, business, inspiration, etc.


"To open up a dialogue where people bring ideas and improvements is priceless. It's ideal if you are a little lost with a professional challenge. Sure there is someone willing to help in case you ask for help." -Coworking Online member.

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