The Creative Tribes community is a Slack group for startup entrepreneurs, marketers, remote workers, and more creatives. With over 1,500+ members, it's a space to grow your connections beyond your industry.

Inside, you can connect with professionals working in complementary projects with whom you can learn, discuss, and explore proven strategies.

In addition, you will find a place to stay updated, discover new resources, and enrich your perspective with peers' experiences. Members join in channels to discuss from social media marketing to analytics and data science to grow their businesses without limits.

To be part of the community, you need to pay a one-time fee of $27. Once you join, you will be invited to AMAs and live chats to connect with industry top professionals and mentors.

Join to be part of a diverse community of creatives and entrepreneurs, and leverage their spaces to learn from fellows and grow your online business.


  • Membership: Paid Community
  • Year Founded: 2014
  • Founders:

    Sean Madden, Katharine Madden

  • Amount of members: 1,500
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Find your tribe:
With members coming from diverse industries and levels of experience, you will find a private space to connect with like-minded people. With 1,500+ folks who actively participate in the community, it's a place where you can bond with people working on similar projects.

Moreover, you will have the opportunity to connect with peers working in complementary fields to build a solid work team.

Job opportunities:
Inside the Slack community, there are spaces where members share job opportunities. Leverage these channels to grow as a professional and also to connect with talented professionals looking for jobs.

Discuss insights and strategies:
With 22+ channels inside the Slack community, you can leverage the conversations to stay updated and discover new techniques and methods. Besides, there are dedicated spaces to share your favorite tools and explore new approaches.

Learn from experts:
With AMAs and live chats, the community offers great opportunities to ask your specific questions and receive actionable advice.

  • One Time Cost


You need to pay the admission fee and complete a signup form before joining.


Learning Events

The community hosts AMAs and live chats to connect members with industry experts and mentors. You can participate in these events to ask your specific questions and get unstuck on your projects.

Networking Events

The community runs in Slack, where 1,500+ members join in conversations inside 22+ channels.

With spaces to discuss analytics, content marketing, SEO, and nomad life, the group is a great place to stay updated and learn continuously. Besides, There are channels for sharing your work, looking for job opportunities, and connecting with people in your industry.

Join channels such as #remote_workers, #designers, #startups, or #developers to meet inspiring people and chat during work hours.


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