Creators of products is a Slack community for product managers, engineers, startup founders, students, and designers. Members participate in mentorship programs to receive help and advice from industry experts.

With many channels available for joining in, you can discuss with a group of professionals to discover the latest industry insights and product building queries. Within the side projects channel, you'll find people with complementary skills and opportunities for collaborative projects.

The community offers a safe space for recruiters and job-seekers to hire and apply for a job. Creators of Products promotes many free community initiatives through specialized programs, guiding new users to find their dream job, training them with resources, and supporting students beyond graduation.

You can sign up for free and apply for microcommunities where members engage with fellow professionals and students to enhance their careers and receive guidance from experts working at design, engineering, marketing, and product management organizations.

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Mentorship program:
Be part of a mentoring group to find guidance from experts working in many industries. Group members meet in weekly sessions to answer mentees' questions and improve their careers.

Meet in live sessions to upskill yourself and receive guidance. Events are hosted in Slack channels where you can join for free.

Job opportunities:
Discover the best open positions and apply for your next dream job. Creators of Products hosts a hiring program where recruiters and job-seekers connect to participate in mockup interview sessions.

Be part of exclusive groups composed of members sharing similar profiles and interests. Each program offered connects you with people who are struggling with the same obstacles. You'll be part of community activities to meet new personalities and expand your professional connections.

Learning resources:
Navigate within a live curated repository to optimize your learning time and improve your methods. Access recorded AMAs sessions to learn from frequently asked questions.


You can access the resources available for free, but for joining a program or Slack channel you need to send an application form.



Members join in live speaks, AMAs, and topic-centered gatherings organized in Slack channels.

Mentorship program participants meet in weekly sessions where they receive experts' advice.

Learning Events

The community hosts regular workshops and ask me anything sessions where members discuss insights and proven strategies.

Networking Events

With microcommunities available to join in according to your profile, you can be part of exclusive founderscreatorsstudents, or recruiters groups. These groups are the best opportunity to connect with like-minded people and receive valuable feedback from fellow professionals.

Members engage in Slack channels to connect with fellow professionals and students, expanding their networks and creating new opportunities.

Content Library

Navigate within the AMAs' archive section to discover the recorded sessions. Creators of Products have a live repository with curated content for common questions. Their purpose is to provide resources for studying the best practices required at any high-growth organization.

They offer a COVID resources section with information about sanitary resources.


Creators of Products offer free Covid resources with sanitary and mental-health information. They also collect donations for health-related organizations to fight against the pandemic.


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