CXL is a community of digital marketing experts that provide world-class education by selecting only top instructors from different marketing disciplines.

They have a large Facebook group of over 15.1K members from all over the world. This online group is free and open, so everyone can join. However, strict moderation keeps it spam-free. For example, no one is allowed to dump links or ads. It's only used to give feedback, advice, or to network and share insights.

Besides this vibrant community, CXL has a private community, only available for paid members. These are their subscription plans:

For individuals:

  • Annual: $1299.
  • Quarterly: $459.
  • Monthly: $249.

For teams (of 5, but you can modify the quantity if your team is larger or smaller):

  • Annual: $5845.
  • Quarterly: $2065.
  • Monthly: $1120.

This subscription gives you complete access to all CXL's educational resources. Every plan includes a 7-day trial for $1. You can also buy individual courses or mini degrees, without subscribing to a recurring plan. Your subscription, however, gives you access to:

  • Over 60 courses on digital marketing, led by world-class instructors (new courses are being added every month!).
  • 7 mini degrees to further develop your skills with extensive, advanced training.
  • Certificates for every course or mini degree you complete.
  • Access to the private community in CXL's own platform.

But CXL also has free learning opportunities. Their program "Foundations" has over 15 free courses to help you begin your learning journey. You can also apply for a scholarship on a mini degree you like, with the only requirement of completing it in 12 weeks and writing a blog post every week sharing what you've learned.

Additionally, you can access online events (webinars, workshops, AMAs) for free. You can also rewatch past events. In every video, you will find expert insights to further grow as a marketer.

Lastly, you can explore other CXL's free resources such as their blog and extensive guides, that will teach you how to solve different marketing tasks with advanced, actionable content.

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  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2011
  • Founders:

    Peep Laja

  • Amount of members: 15,100
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Join a vibrant community of digital marketers (for free!):
CXL has a Facebook online group of over 15.1K members from all over the world. The group is open and everyone can join to share insights, feedback, and advice. The strict moderation ensures a spam-free, constructive group.

Learn from the best instructors in the world:
The community declares to only choose the best instructors in the world. They hand-pick top experts from different marketing disciplines, giving you world-class education.

Access free training opportunities!:
Whether it be with a 12-week scholarship on a mini degree, or with their program "Foundations" (which include over 15 free courses), CXL has some free options for you to test their educational quality before subscribing to a paid plan.



No requirements.


Learning Events

CXL is always hosting new online events. All events consist mainly of webinars, workshops, live panels, and AMAs. You can save your spot for any upcoming events or watch the replays of past events on CXL's website (all for free!).

Events' topics range from digital marketing and branding, to scaling startups and data-driven campaign optimization.

Networking Events

CXL has a huge Facebook group of over 15.1K members. The group is open, however, moderators are strict about spam, ads, and link dumps. This allows the group to be a constructive and useful space to learn all about conversion optimization, analytics, and growth.

There are members from all over the world and with all sorts of different backgrounds, allowing you to find new insights and perspectives to evolve in your career. Besides expanding your professional network, this online group can be an excellent asset to make connections and meet like-minded people who share personal interests.

If you subscribe to one of CXL's paid plans, you have access to a private community in CXL's own platform. Besides other members of the community, you will be able to interact with mentors and expert marketers from top companies.

Content Library

You can access a lot of content from CXL's for free. For example, their blog is an excellent place to learn marketing on an advanced level, with top-notch, actionable content. They have very thorough, extensive guides on topics like conversion optimization, e-commerce, bounce rate, click-through rate, and data-driven marketing in general.

Additionally, you can find other useful tools for free, such as original research studies and the A/B test calculator. Lastly, you can also access the huge content library of past webinars, workshops, and other online events; as well as some free courses.

If you subscribe to a paid plan, however, you get access to 60+ online courses, several mini degrees, a road mapping system to track your progress, and you also get certified.


CXL has an extensive gallery of over 60 online courses. All of these courses are advanced, fluff-free, digital marketing courses that focus on implementation and providing you with actionable content.

You can access all courses by subscribing to a CXL's paid plan (starting at $175/monthly), along with a private community, and 6 mini degrees that give you advanced level skills. New courses are being added every month. You can try the premium version for $1 for 7 days.

However, you have also a free training option to evaluate if you'd like to join CXL's community. Their program "Foundations" include 4 modules: Analytics 101, Marketing 101, CRO 101, and Partner Tools. Every module contains several courses, adding up to 15+ free courses. This training also gives you access to the CXL community, and it's completely free.

Lastly, if you wish to access a mini degree for free, you can apply for CXL's scholarship. The only requirements are that you complete the training in 12 weeks, writing a blog post every week (12 in total) sharing your experience and what you've learned. You can choose among the following mini degrees: conversion optimization, digital analytics, digital psychology and persuasion, and growth marketing.


"CXL is the most robust e-learning platform for digital marketers. From day one when I discovered their blog filled with well-documented articles up until now when I am finishing my digital psychology and persuasion degree, they became and remained my go-to source of educational content. The neuromarketing degree helped shape me into a better digital marketer professional and scale my knowledge about 10x. The courses and mini degrees were the best educational investment I have made, and I would always recommend it to anyone who wants to nurture their marketing career." -Patricia Borlovan

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