DAOhaus is an online free community of contributors who work together on designing, building, and sharing the community's app.

Apart from the website, DAOhaus has its own app. You can access it with a QR code using WalletConnect. This means that the community is free but the app is paid. Some benefits of acquiring the app are:

  • Getting priority support.
  • Earning rewards.
  • Enjoying discounts.

For community members, DAOhaus offers a Discord group. Once you choose your role, you can access all features. They include a public "forum" channel and a "rituals" space with Haus Party Live events.

The community also uses Substack and Github. The first one aims to keep members updated with the last trends in the field. The other one offers an opportunity to check the app's open-source code.

Additionally, DAOhaus offers a docs section with a handbook and other content to learn about how to manage DAOs with the DAOHaus platform. You can also find tutorials on how the community works.


  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2019
  • Founders:

    John D. Storey

  • Amount of members: 6,300
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Join an active community:
DAOhaus has a Discord group with different channels to interact or participate in live sessions. You can join the Haus Party Live or connect to the Camp Fire voice channel to connect with other members.

Find resources:
The docs section on the community's website has resources for members to learn more about managing DAOs and the community in general. You can find a handbook and some tutorials.

Get the app:
In case you wish for a full DAOhaus experience, you can buy the app using WalletConnect. It offers a well-rounded platform to manage and grow your DAO.


No requirements.



Members of DAOhaus gather every Thursday at the Haus Party Live. It's a group call open to all members. Sometimes, there is a special guest who directs the conversation. To attend, you need to join the Discord server. The event starts at 11 am PST/8 pm CET every week.

Networking Events

Members interact through three channels: Discord, Substack, and GitHub. The first one offers public channels for interacting, a voice channel, and a live session each Thursday. Substack is used to share the most recent news and trends. Finally, GitHub aims to provide the open-source code of the app for members to collaborate and give feedback.

Content Library

The community offers a docs section on the website to share resources. They include a guide for members to know the community's methodology. You can also find tutorials on managing and growing DAOs by using the DAOhaus platform.

Benefits with other companies

If you get the community's app, you will receive discounts on advanced or custom features by paying with HAUS tokens.

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