Demand Curve is a free community with a Slack group filled with thousands of growth marketers from all over the world.

The Slack group is completely free to join. The only requirement is to fill out a form with simple details such as your name, work email, and LinkedIn profile. Inside, you can leverage the knowledge of growth marketers from big companies. The community is also to help others with your own feedback and insights.

By becoming a member of the online group, you will also get access to Demand Curve's newsletter and masterclasses. The bi-monthly newsletter is a curated asset with insights from founders from fast-growing startups. Each email will give you knowledge about growth tactics and strategies that are working for different businesses right now.

Furthermore, you can access extra free content to keep learning. For example, you could read Demand Curve's blog, playbooks, or landing page teardowns. All content is advanced level and fluff-free, so you won't waste your time and will leave each piece of content with an actionable next step.

Playbooks are extensive guides on specific topics. Landing page teardowns are, on the other hand, breakdowns of some of the highest-converting landing pages. This allows you to learn the impact of different copywriting and design decisions on the overall conversion rate.

Lastly, and if you want personalized help, you can join the Startup Growth Program. This intensive, six-week program is special for startup founders who want to craft and implement a custom growth plan for their businesses.

The membership costs $2500. It gives you lifetime access to all the program's content. Additionally, you will get 6 months of optional deep-dive workshops and an advisor to help you through the implementation process.

By joining the program you will also get access to special discounts on very powerful marketing tools such as Segment, Airtable, or Notion.


  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2017
  • Founders:

    Julian Shapiro

  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Join a thriving community of growth marketers:
The Demand Curve's Slack group is filled with thousands of growth marketers from all over the world. You can leverage the knowledge of top marketers in big companies, and helping others by sharing your feedback and insights.

Learn with Demand Curve's free content:
The community has lots of free content such as a blog, a newsletter, playbooks (aka extensive, detailed guides), and landing pages teardowns. All of the content it's free and fluff-free, crafted for advanced marketers that want to produce results immediately.

Be part of the Growth Startup Program:
If you want more hands-on help, you can participate in Demand Curve's program. This intensive, six-week program is designed for you to craft and implement a personalized growth plan for your startup.



To join, you only need to apply for membership by filling out a simple form. You will be asked your full name, work email, and LinkedIn profile. This will give you free access to the Slack community, plus Demand Curve's bi-monthly newsletter and masterclasses.


Learning Events

Demand Curve hosts Growth Summit, an online event for marketing professionals. This learning opportunity is an intensive two-day program of tactical growth sessions with top experts that will teach you the best growth strategies to drive your career and business forward.

2021's Growth Summit will take place on November 3 & 4. To get access, you could pay the $500 registration fee. However, if you share the event and invite 3 colleagues, you will get free tickets!

At this event, you will be learning from people leading growth at big companies like Hubspot, Shopify, Vimeo, Appsumo, among others. You will leave with actionable content you can apply immediately to grow your business or startup. There will be hand-picked expert speakers and top marketers such as Brian Dean (Backlinko), Fadeke Abegbuyi (Shopify), Noah Kagan (Appsumo), and Kinsey Grant (Smooth Ops), and several others.

You will access 10+ growth sessions on topics like content and SEO, B2B growth, community building, paid and influencer marketing, product-led growth, audience growth, and more.

Networking Events

Demand Curve has a free Slack group with thousands of marketers from all around the world. The online group is aimed to share growth insights. You can leverage the knowledge of top marketers working at big tech companies, to grow your startup, business, or career.

The Slack community is designed for people to ask questions and give feedback on others' issues and challenges. There are channels to discuss paid ads, SEM, SEO, e-commerce, landing pages, among other marketing topics.

However, there are also channels to introduce yourself and to talk about non-work-related things with other members of the community. This creates a relaxed space that allows everyone to be themselves and give their best. The Demand Curve Slack group is a perfect place to expand your professional network while making new friends along the way.

Content Library

Inside Demand Curve's Slack community, you can find a dedicated channel to share tools and resources. But besides, Demand Curve has a lot of other resources to help marketers skyrocket growth at their companies.

On the one hand, you can read their blog, where they share insights and knowledge about growth marketing. Additionally, they have a great bi-monthly newsletter with insights from founders from some of the fastest-growing companies. In these newsletters, you will access curated content on growth tactics that are working right now for different businesses at different stages.

On the other hand, you can read Demand Curve's playbooks. These are extensive guides that fully cover different topics such as influencer marketing, LinkedIn organic marketing, useful marketing tools for 2021, Product Hunt, etc. These guides are fluff-free, giving you valuable, advanced content that won't waste your time. Also, as a member of the community, you will enjoy early access to future playbooks!

Lastly, you can explore the community's landing page teardowns. This content breaks down the methods used by the highest-converting landing pages out there. You will be able to understand copywriting and design decisions behind each section, and the impact they have on the overall conversion rate. Teardowns analyze landing pages from companies such as Segment, Ahrefs, Zapier, among others.


Demand Curve has an intensive, six-week Startup Growth Program. This program is designed for founders that want to build their growth strategy quickly and effectively.

To apply, you need to pay a one-time fee of $2500. This includes lifetime access to all content, which offers over 40 extensive guides, 50 step-by-step projects and SOPs (standard operating procedures), 65 templates, and video walk-throughs. This hands-on, actionable content is crafted to produce results immediately.

You will also get 6 months of access to an advisor, that will help you to design and execute your custom growth plan. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to obtain 6 months of optional deep-dive workshops to help you apply the content of the program.

Benefits with other companies

As a member of the Startup Growth program, you will be able to get discounts on several marketing tools such as Segment, Airtable, Notion, among others.


"The Demand Curve team knows paid acquisition, conversion, landing pages, and a lot more very well. If you’re lagging behind on your growth skills, let them teach you what you’re missing." -Alex Kracov

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