Digital Nomad Ventures is a digital community founded in 2018 by Mike Holp. Nowadays, it has over 5800 members from all over the world on the Facebook group, and 1000+ members on the LinkedIn group.

The community is for digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. Inside, you will find folks that work remotely or are thinking of embracing a digital nomad lifestyle. In the groups, members share valuable insights and advice to help other people transitioning to the digital nomad lifestyle.

You can join for free no matter what stage of your journey you are in. Furthermore, the community helps you leverage the knowledge and expertise of advanced nomads while encouraging others to make the jump. It's an uncertain lifestyle, and it's easier when you have a community of like-minded peers to help you navigate through it.

Mike, the founder, has a myriad of courses to further grow your knowledge and client base. All courses are designed to help you work from anywhere.

To access all Mike's courses and to get early access to new videos, you have many options. On the one hand, you can pay a monthly subscription of $9.99, or a yearly fee of $99. If you prefer, you can also opt for a lifetime price of $399.

To further deepen your knowledge, subscribe to Mike's newsletter. He also posts valuable content on his YouTube channel and his podcast.

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  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2018
  • Founders:

    Mike Holp

  • Amount of members: 5,800
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Learn from like-minded remote workers:
Digital Nomad Ventures is a community dedicated to helping people learn to work from anywhere in the world. In the group, they share tips on how to get remote clients, manage time and improve productivity.

Embrace the digital nomad lifestyle:
All members of the online groups are either thinking of becoming digital nomads or have years of experience living that way. You will find helpful insights and advice to help you navigate this uncertain lifestyle.

Get access to valuable resources:
By being a member of the community, you can access all the knowledge members share with each other -and contribute with your own!

Expand your knowledge with a paid membership:
If you want, you can choose to pay a monthly, yearly, or one-time subscription fee to get access to all courses on digital nomadism by Mike, the founder of Digital Nomad Ventures.


No requirements.


Networking Events

On the online groups, members can introduce each other and talk a little about what their unique path looks like: where are they from, what stage they are on the journey to becoming digital nomads, what they expect from the group, and what are their fears and doubts regarding freelancing and working remotely.

The community is very supportive and doesn't discriminate based on level of experience. Veteran digital nomads can help beginner ones, and everyone can contribute with their own resources, learning lessons, and tips.

These groups are also a great place to network and make friends from the cities you are currently living in (since the group is filled with people from all over the world).

The most popular locations are United States, Thailand, England, India, Germany, Spain, France, the Philippines, and the Netherlands; so if you happen to be in one of those, most likely you will find new friends to meet in real life and share insights!

Content Library

Digital Nomad Ventures has a podcast, a YouTube channel, and a newsletter where you can access free video samples from the founder's courses. In the group, members also share valuable resources to help everyone transitioning to a digital nomad and a work remotely lifestyle.


Mike, the founder of Digital Nomad Ventures, has several courses for entrepreneurs looking to becoming digital nomads and work remotely. The topics range from LinkedIn and YouTube marketing, to how to get visas, and how to work from anywhere in general. You can access all of his courses and future videos by paying a subscription:

  • Monthly: $9.99.
  • Yearly: $99.
  • Lifetime access: $399.


"Mike's title of 'Digital Wizard' is no exaggeration! A young man bought up in the digital age, Mike knows how to navigate the landscape! I am consistently and pleasantly surprised by the depth and wisdom of his knowledge. Don't be fooled by his young look; he has the wisdom of the digital age! I would highly recommend Mike to anyone looking to step up their digital game or wanting to make the transition. You really can't go wrong!" -Robert Sieger

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