Divaloper is an NGO that trains and mentors women for free in Northern Ghana, who want to build a career in the technology industry.

The community's mission is to reduce the gender gap in the technology industry. They want to help more women to access the field and build their careers confidently. Specifically, Divaloper supports women in Northern Ghana, an underserved community with lots of obstacles for women to access the knowledge and community they need to grow in their careers.

Divaloper fulfills its mission by mentoring young women (in high schools) and adult women. They teach web development, desktop and mobile app development, and data science. It's free for members to attend classes and meetups.

Additionally, the community organizes monthly roundtables with expert women in tech. These events take place in different venues across Ghana. For each month there is a specific topic that members discuss. Each expert answers questions and gives the necessary advice to support women in their career-building process.

Depending on your skillset, you can volunteer for different roles in Divalopers. The community is a helpful asset to empower women and provide a network of supported, experienced mentors in tech.

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  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2019
  • Founders:

    Zulaiha Dobia Abdullah

  • Online Group: No
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • ONG: Yes
  • Method: In Person


Join a community of women developers:
Divalopers is a community that trains and mentors women in Northern Ghana. The community works to reduce the gender gap in technology and supports women who want to build a career in tech.

Volunteer and share your knowledge:
Depending on your skill set, you can volunteer in different roles in Divaloper. You can join as a mentor if you have experience in the development field, and help other women to build their careers.

Participate in monthly learning events:
Divaloper organizes monthly events in different venues across Ghana. Those events are composed of a panel of expert women with careers in tech, who talk about a specific topic and answer questions from the audience.


No requirements.


Learning Events

Monthly, Divaloper organizes the "Fireside Chat and Hangout". This in-person event is held in different venues around Ghana. Each event focuses on a specific topic and has a panel of expert career women. The audience consists of ambitious women from different industries and different skill levels. You get to share your experiences to help others find the answers they seek (and you get answers to your own questions).

Additionally, the community organizes several mentorship programs across Ghana, both in high schools and for adult women. You can volunteer in different roles according to your skillset, or participate for free from all classes.

Networking Events

Each gathering at Divaloper is a great networking opportunity. You can develop deep relationships with different women entrepreneurs. Over time, you will get to belong to a network of supportive, experienced women developers that will help you advance in your career in tech.

Content Library

You can find some development resources on Divaloper's website. There are resources on web development, desktop apps development, and data science.


Divaloper helps to reduce the gender gap in technology by empowering, training, and mentoring women who want to build a career in tech. Is an NGO that specifically supports underserved communities in Ghana.


"Yesterday’s @Divaloper1 hangout was so beautiful and inspiring... wish it was recorded so I re-listen to all the stories and experiences from the Ladies. We really need this to be every month." -Twitter user

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