Django Girls is a free women-only community with the purpose to inspire women around the world to succeed as programmers.

The idea is to foster women's interest in technology while offering a safe environment to learn. The community's website is both in English and Spanish. It offers free Python and Django workshops.

Members can also access online tutorials and succeed in their first experiences with technology. Other resources include an organizer guide, a coaching manual, and tutorials in several languages. If you already are a programmer, you can become an organizer and host workshops in your area to help local girls learn to program.

Additionally, Django Girls has a biweekly newsletter. You can subscribe for free and receive updates directly to your inbox, or read past editions on the website.

On the other hand, Django Girls hosts many events in different cities around the world. Indeed, there are workshops in over 100 countries worldwide. To attend a workshop, you need to submit your application and register, since seats are limited. In some cases, the community offers financial aid to attend the events or help with flights and hotels. Since it's a non-profit organization, Django Girls also receive donations. These are useful to fulfill the community's mission, which is to teach women Python and Django programming languages for free.


  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2014
  • Founders:

    Ola Sitarska & Ola Sendecka

  • Amount of members: 22,200
  • Online Group: No
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English, Spanish
  • ONG: Yes
  • Method: In Person, Virtual


Participate in free workshops:
The community hosts events in different cities around the world, in over 100 countries. All you need to do to participate is send your application and get a seat. Keep in mind that you will need a laptop to participate.

Access useful resources:
Tutorials, organizers' manuals, and other resources are available for members of the community. You can also subscribe to the newsletter and stay up-to-date on the latest news in the programming world.

Connect with like-minded people:
Attending these types of global events is the perfect chance to meet new people from different countries. It's an opportunity to enjoy new experiences while you grow your skills as a developer.


No requirements.


Learning Events

The community offers free workshops in different cities around the world, in 103 diverse countries. Although topics are varied, they include programming and technology, specifically the Django and Phyton programming languages. Some of the cities that organize Django Girls' workshops include Amsterdam, Granada, Ciudad de México, San Diego, Ankara, among many others.

In the "Events" section, you will find the whole list of upcoming events. Once you click on each, you will access a separate website of the community in that specific country, with information on the event and the requirements to participate. In most cases, you need to submit an application as seats are limited. The basic requirements usually include having a laptop. For flights and hotel expenses, the community sometimes offers financial aid.

Networking Events

Members attending the community's free workshops have the chance to interact in person with like-minded women interested in technology. On the other hand, members can submit entries to the community's blog and interact through comments on each post, increasing their visibility and promoting themselves as programmers.

Content Library

Django Girls' website has a resources section that includes useful links and information for members. The first resource corresponds to a Django Girls basic programming tutorial available in 20 languages. This will help you know how the community works and some basic programming concepts.

The second resource is an organizer guide, useful to those who want to organize Django Girls' workshops in their area. It has some links to the community's Github, where you can find more resources. Additionally, you can find a coaching manual. It's includes four manuals and extra resources to teach members how to be a coach.


Since Django Girls is a non-profit community, all donations are used to create new free events. These events have brought together more than 22000 women around the world, teaching them how to program for free and opening up new career opportunities. This has been possible thanks to 2269 volunteers who organize the workshops worldwide.


"I attended the first Django in Maputo city. It was amazing and I managed to finish my blog. There was so much support from the coaches and they were very interactive..." -Cecilia Augusto

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