eCommerce Elites Mastermind is a private Facebook group of over 100,000 eCommerce entrepreneurs from all over the world.

To join is completely free, and you only have to answer two questions for your application. Once you enter the group, you will join a network of 100,200+ eCommerce entrepreneurs from different parts of the globe.

Inside the online group, you can get quick answers to situations that are keeping you stuck. Likewise, it's a great place to find high-level strategies that promote growth and help you scale your online business. Additionally, you can share knowledge, learnings, and insights in the group and help others thrive in the eCommerce space.

Steve and Evan Tan, founders of the group, try to respond one-on-one to as many posts as possible, so you maybe get a chance to get custom advice from them. But on the other hand, you will surely meet eCommerce entrepreneurs from your area, and get opportunities to collaborate with people from the opposite side of the world. As you become familiar with the group, you will develop a support network to rely on for advice when you encounter different challenges or want to celebrate your wins.

The founders of eCommerce Elites Mastermind are leaders in the eCommerce space. They are constantly invited as guest speakers to many conferences and other events. You can find out about events where they will be talking on their website. Additionally, and if you are interested, they offer private mastermind retreats in different locations around the world. These retreats allow them to mentor a limited group of eCommerce entrepreneurs and help them scale their online businesses.

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  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2017
  • Founders:

    Steve Tan and Evan Tan

  • Amount of members: 110,198
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Network with over 100,000 eCommerce entrepreneurs:
The eCommerce Elites Mastermind group allows you to connect with thousands of eCommerce entrepreneurs from all over the world. You can meet like-minded people from your local area and also collaborate with entrepreneurs from the other side of the globe.

Get help by joining a global eCommerce community:
The community's Facebook group is great to get quick answers to situations that are keeping your business stuck. You can also share your knowledge and insights with others, and get advice directly from the founders.

Leverage the "golden nuggets index":
Admins of the Facebook group have created an index of "golden nuggets". These are exceptionally helpful past posts that contain powerful insights. The index is great to search for answers to your own questions and learn new strategies regularly.



No requirements.


Learning Events

The Tan brothers, founders of the eCommerce Elites Mastermind Facebook group, organize private mastermind retreats around the world. Their retreats are ideal for every eCommerce entrepreneur who is trying to scale their online business. Since all retreats have limited spots, every attendee receives one-on-one attention from the mentors. Additionally, these retreats are great to network with other entrepreneurs, exchanging insights and knowledge.

On the other hand, Steve and Evan Tan are constantly invited as guest speakers in several conferences and other events. You can explore them on their website to make sure you don't miss the next one!

Networking Events

The eCommerce Elites Mastermind Facebook group is private but everyone can join for free. Inside, you will find over 110.000 eCommerce entrepreneurs from all around the world who are looking for strategies to scale their businesses. This group is great to find quick answers to problems that are keeping you stuck right now, as well as to share your eCommerce insights with others.

Content Library

The admins of the Facebook group have created an index of past "golden nuggets". These are past exceptionally useful posts or lively conversations that contain many insights. You can search through the index before you make a post in the group, to make sure your questions haven't been answered yet. Additionally, the index is helpful for just scrolling through it and leveraging the knowledge of other eCommerce entrepreneurs.


When it comes to the topic of eCommerce, what more can I say - Evan and Steve are the top guys in this space. They have a huge following and there are a lot of high-level strategies going on. If you have the opportunity to learn from them, to network with them, or just to get some insights from them - I highly suggest that you do.” -Tuan Vy

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